FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- A sheriff's deputy in North Carolina was shot in the leg when an inmate brought to a hospital emergency room tried to grab his gun. A nearby police officer shot and killed the inmate.

The Cumberland County sheriff's deputy is expected to recover. No one else was injured at the sprawling regional hospital in southeastern North Carolina.

The inmate had been in custody since his arrest Tuesday on suspicion of a home invasion, the sheriff said. He was brought to the hospital for a medical problem.

Hospital patient Kaylee Ingles said she was in an exam room close to the shooting. “All I heard was yelling. He said, ’Get the (expletive) off of me!’ And that was about it. He just kept yelling that.

“I heard one shot. And then yelling — ‘Secure the patients!’ — and then four more shots go off,” she said.

Ingles shut the door and hid next to the bed until the hospital announced over the intercom that the situation was safe, she said.

The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the incident, as it does all officer-involved shootings.