Do you feel lonely, lost, and afraid, in need guidance in your life?
The truth is that most of us feel this way at times. Perhaps the economic times and the friction that exists in American society have made this anxiety even worse. What can we do about it? There is only one answer.
We need to ask Jesus to come into our lives and we need to seek his peace, through prayer. We need to ask God’s Holy Spirit to enter our lives and bolster us up so we are able to meet each new challenge and handle it, as we know God would want us to. Toward this end, we will open the church sanctuary for prayer and meditation on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9

You are invited to come in and pray, either individually or with others. Pray for our church, other churches, our town, friends, family, jobs, pray about whatever ails you. This time is non-denominational. You may come for 10 minutes or for the full two hours. Parts of the prayer time will be guided and parts will be left to the individual congregant to pray, as he or she feels the need.

 For more information about the “Time of Prayer and Meditation” which will be held at the Saugerties United Methodist Church, please contact Al McDowell at 246-4888.