Please be advised and take note of road closures and parking regulations at the Cantine Veterans Memorial Complex this upcoming weekend Saturday, May 18 and a portion of Sunday morning May 19.  
The eleventh annual American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life takes place, this Saturday, in the north potion of the Complex at the Kiwanis Ice Arena, along with the grounds of the Arena and the adjacent soccer complex.
Additionally, there are events, games and activities taking place in the south portion of the Complex on Saturday, which shall add to anticipated heavier than normal volumes.
This shall necessitate restricted traffic flow, road closures and special event parking arrangements, as follows:
Commencing on Saturday, May 18, at 7:00am through Sunday morning May 19, 10:00am, Small World Avenue, at intersection of Washington Ave. Ext. (Gate W-5), west and south, to north entrance of Parking Lot “A” (Gate SM-2) shall be closed to all vehicular traffic, along with West Arena Drive.
Public parking shall be accommodated in Parking Lot “A” immediately adjacent, to the south of the event grounds.  Ingress and Egress means via Small World Avenue Extension at Washington Avenue. Ext. (Gate W-4) and Pavilion Street at the south entrance to Parking Lot “A” (Gate SM-1).  Should Parking Lot “A” become full, general public parking shall take place in any of the parking areas, as available, in the south portion of the Complex (Pavilion Street, Bob Moser Drive, Tennis Courts Parking, etc.) and either the grounds of HITS or Saugerties High School.
Handicap Parking shall be provided in North Ice Arena Parking Lot.  Use North Ice Arena Gate at Washington Avenue Ext. (W-6).  This parking area will also serve VIP’s, event staff, Cancer Survivors, etc.  Should this lot become full, said parking will be accommodated in the Skate Park Parking Lot (Gate W-7).  If this area becomes full, parking will be provided across Washington Avenue Ext. on the HITS parking grounds.
Those participating / attending all other events, games, activities are to use either Market Street entrance (Gate M-2) or Washington Avenue entrance (Gate W-1), both onto Bob Moser Drive and into the south portion of the Complex.  Additionally, the parking lot at the Frank D. Greco Memorial Senior Citizen’s Recreation Center is available for general public parking.
Please plan and allow for extra time for anticipated traffic and parking congestion, along with possible delays.
Traffic control and parking attendants will help ease confusion and keep congestion and inconvenience to a minimum.  Please adhere to the directives of Staff.
We kindly ask for the cooperation of everyone planning to be in attendance on Saturday, and trust you understand these measures are being instituted for the safety and convenience of all and to keep disruption to a minimum.  We thank you in advance for anticipated show of same. Further information may be obtained by calling the Department Office at 845-246-5890 x 310 or by emailing