EDGEFIELD, SC - A few days after National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) CEO Rob Keck attended the Alabama Governor's One-Shot Turkey Hunt, the "captain" of the NWTF's ship for the last 27 years abruptly announced his resignation Wednesday (3/26/08) morning during an all-staff meeting.
    His resignation is being hailed as a surprise to everyone, comes just a day after the federation's board of directors forced Keck's two top comrades, Chief Operating Officer Carl Brown and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dick Rosenlieb to also resign.
    Keck, a teacher by trade, became began helping the embryonic NWTF back in the mid 1970s, then became an employee in 1978. He has held the position of CEO of the NWTF for 27 years. Today, the NWTF boasts more than 550,000 members.
    Keck cited health and family reasons for his decision.
    However, rumors have it that during the fall board meeting, movement surfaced to oust Brown and Rosenlieb. Keck threatened to resign if the NWTF hierarchy went through with the move.
    Carl Brown, hired one year before Keck was responsible for overseeing the NWTF enviable chapter growth in recent years.
    Dick Rosenlieb, the former Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing was a 20-year employee.
    Evidently, Keck will remain in the employee of the Turkey Federation for a few months until a new CEO is found.