The Town of Saugerties Supervisor, Greg Helsmoortel, and Town Board Members, Fred Costello Jr., Leeanne Thornton, Bruce Leighton and Jim Bruno, would like to thank the listed participants for their involvement during the Green & Clean Days which were held on April 17, 18, 24 and 25 through their collection of roadside litter along town roads to aid in the beautification and greening of Saugerties-

Volunteer Team Captains-Joan & Robert Authenrieth, Tom Miron, Donna Mehalak, Annie Hoffstatter, Barbara Hammerstone, Donna Mayer, Craig Heiss, Martin & Patrice Keenaghan, Chris Puma, Mary Monaco, Bob Howe, Wayne & Barbara Dederick, Lanny Walter, Patti Kelly, Mike Saporito, Audrey Cuiule, Denise Brown, Melanie Avallone, Arline Breitung and Marilyn Walls and the volunteer team members who helped these individuals with the project.

The Town of Saugerties is very fortunate to have such an asset as these volunteers that have pitched in to do their part for the community.

A special thanks goes out to the Highway Superintendent, Bernie Ellsworth, and his department for the collection of the gathered roadside litter and to the Transfer Station Manager, Marie Post, and her department for accepting and the disposal of the litter.