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HEALTH WATCH: Weekly rail, leads with: Stay safe when preparing holiday meals
HEALTH PAGE: Fend off germs.
HEALTH VIDEO: Becoming a doctor, part IX
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Weekly rails, leads with: Get the best out of beans

HOME HELP: Weekly rail, leads with: Select the right high-efficiency washer and dryer
RELIGION NEWS: Weekly rail, leads with: Vatican newspaper forgives Lennon's 'more popular than Jesus' comment
MEANING OF THANKSGIVING: What is Thanksgiving? Tracing the meaning of the holiday
TURKEY PARDON: Couple looks forward to presidential pardon of Thanksgiving turkey
LORETTA LAROCHE: At the table one never grows old - Food-related memories often sustain me when I’m going through troubling times. Ledger, on wire now
SUDOKU PUZZLES: Latest installment is on the site.
JOSH BROLIN: Josh Brolin takes on man who murdered Harvey Milk

‘BOLT:’ Chubby hamster steals the show in 'Bolt'
COMIC BOOK VERSION OF CONSTITUTION: Mass. native writes 'comic book' version of U.S. Constitution - In a format more familiar to Superman, Jonathan Hennessey has told an even greater adventure story about American history starring everyday superheroes named "We the People." MetroWest, Bergeron, on wire now
O'MAHONEY CARTOON: Bush pardons a bunch of turkeys -- and a bird. too.        Ledger, 7 p.m.
CHARITA GOSHAY: Drive a hard bargain with automakers

JEFF VRABEL: Warning about Scarlett Johansson clones

JEFF ADAIR: It's our job to spread the wealth

JULIE FAY: Thankful for things that make life easier, fuller, more fun

POP CULTURE: The?happiness of Pursuit

DANNY HENLEY: When is it OK not to be thankful?
PETER CHIANCA: For those of you who aren‚t too depressed to read on, here are this year‚s reasons to give thanks.
PETER COSTA: Tips on how to survive Thanksgiving - Put relatives who haven’t seen one another for a year in a room and demand that they talk to each other until the turkey is ready and the result is often volcanic. CNC, on wire now
EDITORIAL: Reform needs to come before Big Three bailout - It's easy to sympathize with central Illinois car dealers struggling to sell their product. As a barometer of how the economy is doing, bad news for them is bad news for all of us. Let's hope that turns around, soon. That said, we have not been convinced that the $25 billion bailout package proposed by the Big 3 of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler is the cure for what ails them. An editorial from the Peoria Journal Star.
FOOTBALL BRIEFS: PFW news on the Titans, Chargers, Texans and 49ers, plus the latest Fantasy Buzz.
OBAMA’S TEAM: Who's who in Obama's White House. Attorney general added to package. Added bios for Robert Gibbs, Ellen Moran, Dan Pfeiffer.
INAUGURATION TRIP SNAFU: Group signs contract, but loses lodging
Business / Ag
CENTENARIAN KEEPS WHEELIN’:  Centenarian still wheelin’ and dealin’ at car dealership (ALSO IN SENIORS)

MAKING CENTS: It's not too late to cut your tax bill. There may be time to cut your income tax bill and either owe less or get a larger refund next year. Let's start with the most obvious: investments that have lost money. LEDGER

TALKING CARS: Truck bucking and transmissions
COLD SNAP AND HARVEST: Cold snap could give farmers a hand in finishing harvest -  Cool temperatures and wet weather are pushing northern Illinois farmers behind their brethren across the state in finishing up their corn crop, but the recent cold snap actually may help them get back on track. Statewide, 88 percent of the corn crop has been harvested, compared with 100 percent a year ago and a 98 percent average over the past five years, according to the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s weekly farm report. ROCKFORD
BARGAINS: Retailers turn to bargains to reel in customers - Retailers aren’t waiting for Black Friday in this economy. They can’t afford to, say retail executives and industry analysts. A just-released annual holiday forecast from the National Retail Federation found nearly three-quarters of people surveyed nationwide have only just begun holiday shopping. - SPRINGFIELD
SWIPING TIPS: If you’re going cashless, don’t be caught unaware - It’s one of the most common questions uttered by retailers these days: Credit or debit? Either choice can net consumers certain benefits, as well as certain drawbacks. But consumer groups warn that fees, limits and security issues could catch shoppers off guard, and recommend not always relying on swiping to make transactions. ROCKFORD –
Office parties aren’t necessarily falling victim to economy - ROCKFORD – At a time when some extra holiday cheer may be in order at many offices, companies are toning down or canceling employee parties as a cost-saving measure. Almost a quarter of companies aren’t hosting holiday parties this year, compared with the one in 10 that didn’t last year, according to a survey of 100 HR executives in various industries. The report, by Chicago-based outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, also showed that firms holding parties are cutting budgets by more than half. By Sean F. Driscoll of the Rockford Register Star.

Companies seek the proper words for yuletide greetings - ROCKFORD – Decorations, salutations and cards present a potential minefield for businesses trying to decide whether “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” is the best greeting for the season. By Sean F. Driscoll of the Rockford Register Star.