Few human relationships are as fraught with misunderstanding as those we have with our fathers, and fathers have with their grownup children. Three Hudson Valley writers explore this difficult territory in Fathers and Other Strangers, part of the themed reading series sponsored by the Glaring Omissions, a writing group that has been meeting in the Hudson Valley for almost 20 years.
Jeffrey Davis will read from his story "Nail on the Head" about the fractured relationship between a recently widowed carpenter, his developer-builder son, and eight-year-old grandson. He is author of the nonfiction book The Journey from the Center to the Page (Penguin) and the poetry collection City Reservoir (Barnburner Press).
Scott Anderson will read from The Third Chronicles a Soviet-era thriller authored by his late father that he has been revising and editing. He is a founding member of the Glaring Omissions.
Minda Zetlin will read from her memoir-in-progress Life Sliding Sideways, from a chapter concerning her relationship with her psychiatrist father, conducted in secret after his marriage to her stepmother.
The reading will take place Wednesday, August 24, at Inquiring Mind Bookstore Café, Main and Partition Streets in Saugerties, at 7 pm.