A Sunday in my life just passed, and I decided to tell about my day, as someone might be looking at it again in a hundred years and wondering what a day was like in this day and age.

A Sunday in my life just passed, and I decided to tell about my day, as someone might be looking at it again in a hundred years and wondering what a day was like in this day and age.

I was up early to wash my hair, pick flowers, Daisies, Phlox, brown-eyed Susans, and miniature Mums, for church, and put the bedclothes and more into the washer.

Pastor Regina’s sermon on I Kings chapters 18 and 19 on the “Elijah Complex” was food for thought. After visiting a while with the congregation after church, I inspected the front church flower gardens and pulled out the weeds, then headed home for brunch, hot oatmeal, dried cranberries and walnuts made with milk, and my daily exercise routine while the cereal was cooking and put the laundry from the washer to the drier.

I added a cold sliced banana to the cereal, ate, and then wrote some thank you letters and checks for bills.
I washed the cherries I’d purchased for sharing at the evening social after the hike at Canadice Lake, put them in the cooler with an ice pack frozen in an empty juice container, and added a nice serving bowl.
On the way to the Purcell Hill DEC parking lot off Route 15A in my 2005 van, where I was to meet Pam Masterson, I mailed my letters. Pam, the hike planner, gave me a ride to the South Boat Launch where the Springwater Trail’s kayak, bike, and hike were to begin at 4 p.m. My role as an officer (secretary) when no other officer was there made me uncomfortable, but I tried to make the best of it.
Char Buck took the climbers, I the tourists, and Gene Binder, the naturalists, on the hike. Out of 24 people, there were only three of us in my group, Amy, Bonnie and I. We discussed travel abroad, and how we would spend our money if we had it, all the while enjoying the gorgeous weather and our 4 mile walk through the forest along the west edge of the lake.
We were relieved to find the van at the end of the trail and headed around to the South Boat Launch for the social. There we visited with others and waited for all to return. Before enjoying a delicious dish-to-pass tailgate supper, we congratulated septuagenarian Georgia Binder on completing, in seven years, the more than 300-mile walk, end to end, of the Finger Lakes Trail. After visiting with everyone, helping to load up kayaks, tables and chairs ended the hike and we all left for home.
As I put away my cooler, I thought I was ready to retire for the day, but decided to call my brother in Chicago and my sister in Oregon for the latest updates on their lives and to share mine. In Chicago, they are trying to clean out files after 43 years in one location! In Oregon, the blackberry bushes are taking over and need to be cut out of the yard.
My daughter called to find out how my day went and I found out that my granddaughter was taken to a Lee Center Christian Camp for the week and my grandson was at Camp Sesque in Pennsylvania for the week and the parents were suffering from “empty nest syndrome”!
Afterwards, I made my bed with the fresh linens, took a bath, and headed for a good night’s sleep.
You can read the description of the “trimodal” posted by Pam at [URL]http://springwatertrails.org/2013/07/last-weeks-hike-canadice-trimodal/;http://springwatertrails.org/2013/07/last-weeks-hike-canadice-trimodal/ and do come next week to the hike near Naples.
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On Tuesday evening, July 9, the Webster’s Crossing United Methodist Women met at Sylvia Pifer’s on Carney Hollow Road for their annual picnic.
Do put the July 25 Spaghetti Supper/Music Jam on your calendar and plan to attend!

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