Step back into the past, revel in the present, project into the future – all in one day. 
Learn history by attending the Town of Saugerties  Historic House Tour on Saturday, May 22nd from 11-5. The focus of this year’s tour will be the houses connected with the Palatines – who  arrived in Saugerties 300 years ago.  The influx of Palatines was the largest migration in New York's colonial era. Originally settling in Columbia County and in Saugerties (in the West Camp area), some later moved to the Mohawk and Schoharie Valley's. Many of the later then relocated near Harrisburg and became the Pennsylvania Dutch. Many families remained in Saugerties and numerous individuals can still trace their ancestry back to the early eighteenth century.
There are other ways that the houses on the tour talk to us about history and that is architecturally. These structures, constructed from stone that was locally quarried, reflect what is termed vernacular architecture.
Of the 68 stone houses and churches in the Village and Town of Saugerties, there are many associated with the Palatines; however, the identities of the specific seven historic structures on the tour will be kept under wraps until May 22nd. At that time ticket holders will be surprised by the diversity of the historic stones that have been selected, and there will be some surprises as well.