The first primary election is this week and for the first time in several years, Livingston County faces at least two more events where it will need trained election inspectors.

The first primary election is this week and for the first time in several years, Livingston County faces at least two more events where it will need trained election inspectors. Inspectors are those people who take your name when you enter a polling place, make sure the ballot is read properly by the machine, and ensure that no “electioneering” is going on in the immediate polling places. They are trained and certified every year by the Livingston County Board of Elections and those employed at polling places are now considered part-time employees of the county.

As our population ages, people who have previously worked for many years as inspectors find themselves unable to work the hours required for every primary and/or presidential election. Some no longer can drive at night or they have family responsibilities that prevent them from working, and others have jobs that will not allow them to take vacation time for this purpose. Currently Springwater has just enough people to cover our allotted slots, but we can use more reserves. Twelve training sessions are held during the summer in Geneseo at various times to accommodate people who work shift work. Recertification courses begin in July and courses for new people will be held in August. If you are interested in becoming an election inspector contact the Livingston County Board of Elections at 585-243-7090. The next primary is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 13.

Designating petitions for candidates of both parties are currently being circulated in Springwater. If you are a registered Democrat and want to sign the petitions, please contact me. The Republican judicial petitions are currently being circulated by a gentleman who lives in Fairport. If you are a registered Republican and would like to work for your party on behalf of the registered Republicans in Springwater, contact the Board of Elections or Tom Canute Sr. at 585-669-2429. There are never enough volunteers to get all of the work accomplished during an election year.

When Colonel Richard B. Snyder died in January 2011, he left a bequest to the Springwater American Legion Post 905 to establish a scholarship in his memory at Wayland-Cohocton High School. A lover of all things historical, Col. Snyder asked that the scholarship be given to a student with the highest average in U.S. history and government courses or with the highest scores in AP U.S. History.

On June 7, Commander Richard Tripp Sr. presented the first scholarship to Wayne Olney, Wayland-Cohocton Central School senior and resident of Cohocton. Olney was also the recipient of several other awards including the Samantha F. Wheatcraft–Bret Hoefen "Ride in a Good Direction" Memorial Award, the John K. Jablonski Memorial Award, the William and Alfhilde Fisher Memorial Scholarship, New York Merit Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence and the Association Guy B. Bennett Memorial Science Award.

At the same event, the Springwater American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Unit presented Samantha Scott with a scholarship. Scott was selected to represent Springwater at Girls State in 2011. Congratulations to all of the recipients of awards and scholarships, and congratulations to all of our Springwater youngsters graduating this month. We know your parents are very proud of your accomplishments and so are the citizens of your community.

Deputy Town Supervisor Larry Gnau sent this information regarding a job fair to be held on Wednesday, July 11, at Haverling High School on Elba Avenue, in Bath. The job fair will run from noon until 3:00 p.m. and is sponsored by the CSS Workforce New York.

Please use caution on our roads now that the children are out of school. They are not always paying attention to traffic as they ride their bikes, skateboards and ATVs. The warm weather and lazy days of summer are upon all of us, and we need to look out for the unexpected as we traverse the roads. Also, check on your senior neighbors especially when it is so very hot. Many do not have air conditioning and do not realize how easily they can become dehydrated.

Have a great week!