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News to know

Porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta was captured Monday in Berlin after an international manhunt for the accused killer. Magnotta, who was been described as the “Canadian psycho,” is accused of killing a man and sending his body parts to Canadian lawmakers. He also allegedly taped himself committing the murder and cutting up the body.

Quote of note

"It's big for the people of Wisconsin and their economic future, but I think it's even bigger nationally as well. I think every governor, every state legislator around the country is looking at Wisconsin, and they're going, OK, if I got the courage to stand up and do what I think is right to get my state moving again ... will someone have my back? And hopefully the answer is going to be, you bet." - Tim Phillips, president of conservative group Americans for Prosperity, which is supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election that takes place tomorrow. Walker will square off against Democrat Tom Barrett. A recall election was organized after Walker changed the collective bargaining process.

Hot video: Syrian reporter attacked on live TV

A Syrian television journalist, Halwi Chadi, was attacked by a shoe-wielding youth in the city of Aleppo during a live broadcast. The young man shouted, "Syrian news is false!"


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