Judy writes:
The Memorial Day Parade and Commemorative Rites for our fallen service personnel is coming together, but we need veterans in our community to come forward and assist us with color and honor guard duties. If you are a veteran and would like to assist us during the visitations at the cemeteries on Memorial Day, please contact the Springwater American Legion at 669-2300, the commander at 402-3561, or myself at 669-2683. Visitations begin at 7:45 a.m. and conclude with a brief lunch before the parade line up at 11:30 a.m. The Ladies Auxiliary Unit of Post 905 is currently selling $1 raffle  tickets for an Amish Picnic Table donated at cost by Don Haywood of the  Amish Workshop. 
At last week’s SAL meeting for the Springwater Post, Theo Canute was elected commander of the squadron for 2010-11. Mike Cooper is treasurer and Mark Walker will handle membership.
The Springwater GALA Committee is now in high gear with meetings every two weeks. The next meeting is Monday, May 24, at the Town Hall at 7 p.m. The GALA is scheduled for July 2, 3, and 4.
Saturday, the Springwater Rod & Gun Club will host a Ham and Leek dinner prepared by the club’s chefs. Dinner begins at 5 p.m. Contact Steve Cowley, 245-1340, if you need more information. The Springwater Rod & Gun Club is located at 8355 Hudson Rd going south toward Wayland.
The Wayland Free Library will host a pre-K story hour on Friday morning at 10 a.m. This week’s selection is “Sitting Ducks” and both adults and children will enjoy the story.
If you have not yet seen the Genesee Country Express’ new website, check it out at dansvilleonline.com. We are digitized and there is room for more pictures to accompany events held in the various towns. It is a great way to stay in touch with what is happening during your lunch hour or when you need a brief respite from a boring task.
Katherine writes:
This past Sunday, four new members were joyfully welcomed to the Websters Crossing United Methodist Church congregation by letter of transfer. They are Lyman (Lee) Babbitt Jr., Joice Kelley, Jeffery and JoLyn Donlon. At the Allen’s Hill church, Jessica Miles was confirmed and baptized, and Debbie Nielson and Dianna Shumaker were baptized. Bob Rose and Katrina Garling were welcomed as new members to the Allen’s Hill United Methodist Church family by letter of transfer.
The hamlet of Websters Crossing will be decorated with balloons and signs this tomorrow and Saturday to announce the once-a-year Yard Sale outside the church and Rummage Sale inside the church. There will be plants, treasures, and clothing. Contact person for details is Debbie Babbitt-Henry at 669-2218.
Peter Lutz and Dave Hardy will provide music at the Springwater Church of the Nazarene Senior Luncheon at noon on May 27.
Wayland Lowell Club members are reminded to give their reservations for the Banquet on June 1 at Nugget Hill to Carol Reynolds by May 20.
Barbara Boardman writes that on Tuesday, May 11, her daughter Lynne Boardman of Staunton, Va. visited family and friends in Wayland. They had dinner guests Tuesday and Wednesday, then did Thursday going to exercise class, lunch at the Dansville Gaslight, and visited Marian Crawford and Julie Kuetz.
Our birthday people this week include Stephanie Ann Grimsley (5/20), Brenden O’Neill (5/20), Katelynn Teed (5/22). Jose Otero Tripp (5/22), Sabrina Vadney Motzer (5/23), Jan Longacre (5/25), Lynn Parkhouse (5/25), Logan Van Scooter (5/26), Chantel Teed (5/26), Mary Bricks (5/27), Fred Kitzon (5/27), and Nancy Healy (5/27).  “May” you all have a great year!
A Wedding Anniversary greeting is extended to Brian and Wendy West, No. 16 (5/21), Rob and Renee Pauline (5/21), David and Tina Schleuter (5/21), Ward and Valerie Reamer, No. 45 (5/21), Howard and Bonnie Harris, No. 18 (5/24), and Scott and Terri White (5/25).