Families struggling with the economy must be looking for ways to spend vacation time nearer home that would be easier on their budget.
Sad to say, our local Stony Brook Park’s swimming pool closing for the season will effect many of those families.
I have fond memories of summer days at Stony Brook Park when I was a youngster. It was a thrill for me to spend a week or two with my cousin in the big city of Dansville. We would pack a lunch, our swim suits and towel and head out to Route 36 to walk to the Glen, often we would get a ride.
The day would fly by with all the activities, hiking the trail, swimming, laying in the sun, flirting with the boys, picking wild flowers. Those were the days before back yard swimming pools so maybe there won't be as many kids affected by Stony Brook's pool closing.
Sunday's 50-week winner at the Perkinsville Fire Hall was two-time winner Jamie James of Wayland.
Attention! Lowell Club members, please send in your reservations for the June 1 dinner to be held at Nugget Hill this week. If you have misplaced your reservations form, call Carol Reynolds 728-5632.
I’m cutting this short because “I’m on the road again” traveling to Glenmont near Albany to visit my sister. Since my daughter, Nancy Reigelsperger, was attending a two-day conference titled “Low Income Forum on Energy” in Albany, I took the opportunity to ride out with her to visit Viola. Her son arranged an early birthday celebration with us for her 93rd birthday next month.
Happy Birthday greetings to Sue Conrad the 23rd.
Finally, congratulations to our firemen. They put in lots of hours  cleaning and preparing  their equipment for  display at parades. Their  hard work  paid off  last  Saturday at the Dogwood parade in  Dansville where they  won  “most men in  line,  out of  County” (15 men, three women), Best Appearing Fire Department out of County, Best Appearing Fire Apparatus (1-10 years) for their brush truck, and finally,  the Judge’s Trophy. Wow! Nice  going  fellas and gals.