'Bringing some normalcy back': Hornell Dodgers to return for 2021 season

While summer baseball is set to return to Hornell, the Dodgers organization is hoping to secure its longterm future with additional community support

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HORNELL — After a COVID-19 hiatus, the Hornell Dodgers are planning their return to Maple City Park for the 2021 New York Collegiate Baseball League (NYCBL) season.

The 2021 season is scheduled to open up on June 7 when the team takes on the Genesee Rapids.

The Dodgers, the oldest current franchise in the NYCBL, will be playing their 27th season of collegiate summer baseball. The team will play in the Western Division with the Genesee Rapids, the Dansville Gliders, the Mansfield Destroyers, and the Rochester Ridgemen. The league will feature a total of nine teams and a 42 game schedule. The full schedule is available at www.hornelldodgers.com 

While summer baseball is set to return to Hornell, the Dodgers organization is hoping to secure its longterm future with additional community support. 

"Returning for the 2021 season was a tough decision and the board made the decision to return because we thought it was important to bring some normalcy back to this summer," said Dodgers general manager Paul Welker. "The financials for the organization are not strong at the moment and we could use any support that we can get. One of our biggest fears in discussing 2021 was if we didn't play this summer that there would never be summer collegiate baseball in Hornell again. If you are interested, able, and/or willing to support us we would love to have conversations on how you can help." 

The Hornell Dodgers will return to Maple City Park this summer after taking 2020 off due to COVID-19.

After having to cancel the 2020 season due to the COVID pandemic, the Dodger board of directors said it will need community support to make the 2021 season successful. Here are some ways the Dodgers could use your support.

Join the Board of Directors.  

"We always could use more members to help with the planning and executing home game," said Welker. 

Become a sponsor. Can your business financially support the team? The organization said it will work with any company or businesses to make the partnership work. 

Open up your home and become a host family. The Dodgers will need housing for up to 20 players for the months of June and July. Build a lifelong friendship with a young player as they continue their dreams to play at higher levels.

Come to games and support the team.

"We don't have all the answers yet on what COVID summer league baseball is going to look like but we anticipate having fans and want you to join us," said Welker. "Season ticket information will be announced when we have better plans and we hope that if you enjoy having summer baseball in Hornell you would consider purchasing a season ticket." 

Contact Welker at hornelldodgersbaseball@gmail.com for more information on how to get involved. 

"We look forward to introducing you to some of the players that will be coming to Hornell this summer in the near future," said Welker. "Excited to see the people in and around Maple City Park this summer."