Are you ready for some (spring) football?

Dansville, Wayland-Cohocton football will play on weeknights this spring

By Frank Williams
The Express
Dansville won't just play on Friday nights this spring. The COVID-19-impacted schedule features games on each night of the week.

DANSVILLE — COVID-19 cancelled the NCAA Basketball Tournament last March, and countless other events since then. Now comes some of the "readjusted" high school sports seasons this March that were supposed to be played months ago in the fall.

I can just hear Hank Williams Jr. (no relation) singing "Are you ready for some football?" Whether you are or not ... here it comes anyway! What? Football season "after" the Super Bowl? How can this be? It just seems so "out of place"... but I'll bet some of the underclass athletes are rejoicing.


Well, they'll get to play football twice within about six months! 

Wait a second ... let's get the "first" season in first.

Yes, after all of that, I did finally see the most recent draft of the high school football schedule. It looks like six games, on any night of the week. The regular season looks to run for a month, March 19-April 19. As a "for instance," the Dansville and Wayland Cohocton schedules are below. 

There seems to have been no apparent "scheme of things" with regards to the schedule. I say that because I can point out the fact that Wayland-Cohocton has four of its six games at home, while Dansville only has two home games. Also, no night is sacred either. It'll be novel to think that high school football teams will get a chance to play their own version of "Monday Night Football" the final game of the season. 

How will the home fields at Wayland-Cohocton and Dansville hold up with games in March and April? To be determined.

Some of the other thoughts that go through my mind are "what about the field?" I was down on Clara Barton Street recently and saw Ralph Clements Field still completely covered in snow. What are mother nature's plans with regards to the next few weeks? Who knows? 

Right now it certainly would be an advantage to have a turf field like Hornell. All you would have to do is plow it and you'd be pretty much ready to go. On the other hand, natural grass fields (Cohocton Sports Complex, Ralph Clements, etc. ) could turn into a real "soupy nightmare" depending upon the weather conditions. Will damaged fields be able to be repaired in time for the following week? Who knows? This is a whole new "ballgame", "nightmare"... add your favorite noun here.

Believe me, I'm very glad that they're playing. It doesn't matter to me when, it's exciting that there seems to be a sneak peek at normalcy returning to the world these days. I pray that we're all headed in the right direction.

No matter what happens, it certainly will be a "first" and it promises to be interesting indeed! 


2021 spring schedule

Friday, March 19: Dansville at Leroy, Waterloo at Wayland-Cohocton

Friday, March 26: Warsaw at Dansville, Wayland-Cohocton at Mynderse

Thursday, April 1: Dansville at Livonia, Haverling at Wayland-Cohocton

Wednesday, April 7: Hornell at Dansville, Wayland-Cohocton at Marcus Whitman

Tuesday, April 13: Dansville at Mynderse, East Rochester/Gananda at


Monday, April 19: Dansville at Attica, Warsaw at Wayland-Cohocton