Village of Dansville commends local police force

Chris Potter

DANSVILLE — With police departments in the spotlight across the nation, the Dansville village board took some time to commend its local police force at the mid-June meeting of trustees.

Community policing initiatives are a focus coming down from the state level, Mayor Peter Vogt said.

“Our department has always been pretty interactive with the people on the streets,” Vogt said. “I would like to see more of it, but unless we have more numbers on the force it’s hard for the guys to be walking around all the time and still respond to emergencies. I appreciate what they’ve been doing.”

Dansville Police Sgt. Shannon Griese said officers are also involved in the community while off-duty.

“We do have two people on the ambulance as well and Officer VanDunk also assists coaching down at the school,” Griese said. “We do have our officers in the community off-duty as well helping out.”

“They’re an immense help to us, every one of them, all the time with the ambulance,” added Trustee Floyd Sick.

Trustee Dan Rittenhouse noted the job goes beyond filling the police blotter, with local law enforcement helping out directing traffic on a recent night.

“People see them, they’re out there. It’s more than even walking the streets, it’s a just a wave when you go by,” Rittenhouse said.

Vogt said local police work hard to mitigate matters before they escalate.

“They don’t hammer people the first time around if they don’t have to,” Vogt said. “They’re trying to help them and educate them. That’s good.”