Dansville EMS volunteers honored at annual banquet

2021 was a record year for EMS calls for Dansville Ambulance with 1,467 calls for service received by the volunteer department

Staff reports
Service Award winners presented during the Dansville Ambulance banquet at the Dansville Moose Club, left to right: Matthew Snyder, Samantha King, Fred Miner. Absent is John White.

DANSVILLE —  2021 was a record year for EMS calls for Dansville Ambulance with 1,467 calls for service received. Dansville’s small but faithful band of 47 volunteers were able to cover 1,460 of the calls, for a 99 percent coverage rate.

After a one-year absence, the annual banquet and awards ceremony was held on Saturday, Feb. 26, at the Dansville Moose Club.

Several local and State dignitaries were in attendance, including Village of Dansville Mayor Peter Vogt, NYS Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes, James Culberson represented NYS Senator George Borrello, plus captains for several area EMS agencies.

Livonia Ambulance supplied a crew and ambulance to fill-in while Dansville members enjoyed an evening of great food, prepared by Kent Rounsville, and entertainment by DJ Greg Geraci.

The following awards were given:

● Most scheduled hours: 1759 — Tanya Tatu.

● Most calls: 275 –– Tanya Tatu.

● More than 100 calls: 102 –– Lindley Conte; 109 –– Fred Miner; 126 –– Tim Sparks; 129 –– Kirk Schier; 161 –– Kelly Mychanlishyn; 165 –– John White; 168 –– Andrew Patterson; 187 –– Floyd Sick; 218 –– Samantha King; 224 –– Andrea Pearson; 275 –– Tanya Tatu.

● Call Milestones (starting at 500 calls and every 250 afterwards): Andrea Pearson –– 500; Joe Newcomb –– 1000; Tanya Tatu –– 1500 and 1750; Larry Brockington –– 2000.

● Outstanding Service Awards: 0-5 years: Samantha King; 6-10 years: Fred Miner; 11 or more years: Matthew Snyder. Member of the Year –– John White.