Livingston County road work still active as construction season winds down

The Livingston County Highway Department remains busy with work on several projects throughout the area

From News Reports

GENESEO — For those of us who have lived in Western New York long enough, we’ve come to accept these two universal truths: winter means snow and summer always brings more road construction.

But summer’s road work doesn’t just result in traffic delays or occasionally longer commutes for citizens. It’s also a vital, tax payer-funded service that keeps the county moving. The Livingston County Highway Department is currently putting tax dollars to work on several projects throughout the area.

In Springwater, crews are performing routine mowing on County Roads 16 and 36 (Wheaton Hill and Tabors Corners Road) to help better define the roadway, improve drainage, and maintain sight distance, among other benefits.

Lima and Livonia residents may see capital project paving work on County Roads 12 and 39 (Livonia Center Road). A capital project is one that helps maintain or improve the County’s infrastructure.

The importance of the county’s role in building and maintaining a solid infrastructure is not lost on Dwight Knapp, a member of the Livingston County Board of Supervisors and Ossian Town Supervisor.

“Most people don’t realize how much the County does in terms of providing safe and up-to-date infrastructure,” said Knapp. “We have fantastic people in our Highway Department who are working hard every day to keep our roads and bridges secure, and I think the infrastructure in Livingston County reflects the great job they’re doing.”

The Bronson Hill Road Rehabilitation Project is also currently underway, with crews working to restore the existing pavement surface, enhance drainage conditions, and replace or repair up to 12 undersized drainage cross culverts, among other planned updates. The work will extend the roadway’s service life by eight to 10 years, according to Highway Department officials.

Highway Department crews are performing routine patching, mowing and ditching on various roads throughout the County to increase their lifespan, as well.

In the last few weeks, Highway Department crews have completed cold in-place recycling (CIPR) with paving and shoulder installation on County Road 22 (Fowlerville Road) in Avon, County Road 32 (Long Point Road) in Geneseo, and County Road 18 (River Road) in Leicester. CIPR is a method of road rehabilitation in which existing pavement materials are reused in place.

Highway Department crews also completed CIPR on County Roads 12 and 39 (Livonia Center Road) in Lima and Livonia, with paving and shoulder installation scheduled to start this week. In Groveland, corrective maintenance to repair damage from recent storms was completed on County Road 44 (East Groveland Road).