It’s a sweet deal: CTE Human Services students raise $3K for non-profit organizations

Kayleigh Camacho, a Human Services student from Dansville, shared how this fundraiser was a learning experience

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The Monday/Tuesday Human Services Class.

MOUNT MORRIS — Three thousand candy bars equal $3,000. That’s the amount of money that Human Services students at the Mount Morris Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center raised this school year to benefit area not-for-profit organizations.

Over the course of this school year, the 17 students in this program have sold candy bars to other students, staff and instructors at the Mount Morris CTE Center, as well as their family and friends and other students at their home schools. Along with Marcia Underwood, the Human Services students researched area non-for-profits that were focused on either human service or those agencies that serve individuals in need.

The students voted and the recipients of this year’s fundraising efforts are The Autism Nature Trail at Letchworth State Park, also known as the ANT Project; the Junior League of Rochester and Livingston and Wyoming Counties Social Services for diaper drives; and also, Teresa House and Suzanne’s Comfort Care, local hospice/comfort care homes.

Kayleigh Camacho is a Human Services student from Dansville CS. She shared how this fundraiser was a learning experience.

“We started fundraising in October. This has been a great success. It’s been one of the most amazing projects that I have ever done and to know that we are doing something good for others feels so great,” Kayleigh said.

“Marcia Underwood and the Human Services students have been supporters of The Autism Nature Trail at Letchworth State Park for several years. This most recent effort to raise funds to close the project's budget gap was very much appreciated, and their stunning success is a tribute to their hard work and commitment to making nature accessible to all visitors to the #1 state park in the country,” said Loren Penman, a Co-Chair for The ANT Project.

The Thursday/Friday Human Services Class.

This candy sale fundraising project is not new to this program or students. Past fundraisers have funded the purchase of iPods that were loaded with music and then presented to residents of local nursing

Homes, as well as, donations to various nonprofits. This year’s project is the most successful fundraiser the students have ever completed.

“This project is what I call a ‘win-win’,” Underwood said. “As part of our curriculum, my students learn about area human services’ organizations and the importance of giving back to their communities. This project also teaches the students organizational skills like budgeting, keeping inventory of candy bars, and tallying of money received. I’m so proud of all these students and their efforts.”

The Human Services Program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in the diverse field of human services. Through practical work experiences, students develop high-level skills needed to interact with people of all ages in a variety of environments such as classrooms, childcare centers and human service agencies. Over the course of two years, students study human growth and development, from birth to adulthood.

The students in the 2020-21 Human Services Program are:

  • Taylor Campbell, Warsaw
  • Tainairis Garcia Rodriguez, Geneseo 
  • Destiny Dailey, Geneseo 
  • Julia Calderon-Diaz, Avon
  • Kendall Covell, Perry
  • Samantha Mandell, Livonia 
  • JoJo Dodge, Warsaw 
  • Kayleigh Camacho, Dansville 
  • Kearstin Scharet, Keshequa 
  • Zackary Smith, Dansville 
  • Destiny Woodworth, Dansville 
  • Mackensie Brown, Dansville 
  • Kyrstin Fierle, Dansville 
  • Alexis Pratt, Livonia 
  • Haile Simzer, Livonia 
  • Hayleigh Bane, Keshequa