Livingston County Economic Development announces county-wide First Impressions Program

The program will provide reimbursement of up to 50% of signage, lighting, façade improvements, public art installations or streetscape enhancements

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GENESEO — Livingston County Economic Development is accepting a second round of applications for the 2021 First Impressions Program from all 17 towns and nine villages of Livingston County.

The First Impressions Program funds projects that promote a lasting and genuine first impression of Livingston County’s communities and businesses. The program contributes to creating a sense of place for residents, businesses, and visitors along with driving the economy for future success.

The First Impressions Program will provide reimbursement of up to 50% of signage, interior or exterior lighting, façade improvements, public art installations or streetscape enhancements, and digital first impressions. The reimbursement shall not exceed $5,000 for any individual project. This program is not intended to fund general maintenance projects. All projects must be located in Livingston County, NY, and should be in a highly trafficked or visible area.

The International Downtown Association recently honored Livingston County Economic Development with an Excellence Award for the Downtown 2.0 Commercial District Assessment.

"We are looking for projects that are transformative," says Louise Wadsworth, Downtown Coordinator for Livingston County Economic Development in Livingston County.

"A carved perpendicular sign, a colorful awning, or additional display window lighting can transform a storefront and has been proven to increase sales and traffic in a community. We are also looking for permanent public art projects that reflect the character and culture of the community," says Wadsworth.

Eligible applicants include owners of commercial or mixed-use buildings, owners of a retail or service business who provide written acknowledgment from the building owner if their application involves renovations to the building, and units of local government including towns, villages, or established community groups who apply for public art and/or streetscape projects. All applicants must be current on all County, Town, Village, and School real property taxes in order to be eligible to participate. If an applicant has previously received First Impressions funding, that project must be complete prior to applying again.

Funding will be awarded through a competitive process. Approved projects will receive a written commitment letter detailing any supplemental information needed. The Downtown Coordinator will meet with the applicant to review the proposed project and confirm the scope of work prior to executing a grant agreement.

An informational video is available online at

Applicants are required to watch this video prior to applying for funding. Applications must be received at the Livingston County Economic Development Office no later than 12 p.m. on June 25.