Tanya Tatu first woman to lead Dansville Ambulance in 30 years

Tanya Tatu is just the second woman to lead the agency in 53 years

The Express
Tanya Tatu was recently elected as Director of Operations, the top operational officer of the Dansville Ambulance Company.

DANSVILLE — People often worry about history repeating itself.

Sometimes, though, that is a good thing.

For the first time in 30 years, and only the second time in the 53-year history of the agency, a woman has been elected to the top position of the Dansville Ambulance Company.

In 1991, Pat Johnson was elected as Captain of Dansville Ambulance (the top office at that time), and in 2021, Tanya Tatu was recently elected as Director of Operations (now the name of the top operational officer of the agency).

Joining the agency in 2013, and obtaining her EMT certification in 2014, Tanya Tatu has been one of the top responders in Dansville for multiple years, from 2016 to present. Her resume is impeccable; Tanya has earned the most calls, most hours scheduled, multiple “Member of the Year” awards and “Outstanding Service Award.”

In 2020 alone, Tanya responded to 209 calls, tops in the agency. Tanya has also held the positions of Lt., Captain, and Deputy Director officer positions, starting in 2016. She also had the distinction of Most Hours on Schedule in 2020 with 1,980 hours. She recently earned the Outstanding Service Award for members with 6-10 years of service. 

Tanya was recognized as “BLS Provider of The Year” for MLREMS (Monroe Livingston Regional EMS council ) in 2020, and received the “EMS Leadership” award from the NYS EMS Director in May 2020. Tanya’s career run total is 1,500 and climbing.

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