It's official: Griese appointed Dansville Chief of Police

Dansville native has been serving as Sergeant in Charge since late 2019

Chris Potter
The Dansville Online

DANSVILLE — The Village of Dansville made it official last week and appointed Shannon Griese Chief of the Dansville Police Department. 

Griese has been serving as the Sergeant in Charge since the Oct. 1, 2019 retirement of Charles Perkins. The village board made the appointment on a provisional basis pending Griese passing a formal test for the position. 

Mayor Peter Vogt said Griese’s tenure leading the department gave the village board every confidence it had the right candidate for the position in-house. 

“He’s done a pretty good job as the Sergeant in Charge. He’s a go getter and we’re real happy with him,” Vogt said. “He has taken the bull by the horns and straightened quite a few things out. We’re on the right track.” 

Griese is a Dansville native who has been with the department for over a decade. Active in a variety of community organizations, Griese was awarded the Dansville Rotary Club’s highest honor, the Paul Harris Fellow Medal, in 2020 to recognize his contributions during the COVID-19 crisis. Griese is a Master Sergeant with the U.S. Air National Guard. He was deployed to the New York City medical examiner’s office with a joint team of Army and Air Force personnel during the height of the pandemic. 

Vogt said the village is not planning any corresponding hires or promotions in the immediate future. 

In other business, the village board continues to work on its upcoming budget. Vogt doesn’t expect the COVID-19 pandemic to have a drastic impact on village finances, but officials continue monitor the latest trends. 

“There’s always challenges to the budget,” Vogt said. “Our concern this year more than anything is with what taxes will bring in this coming year. People are in tough positions. We get supported by the county on that. We’re trying to keep the tax rate down. Hopefully it won’t impact anything too badly.” 

The village is preparing for a major water distribution system capital project that is expected to start later this year. Vogt said the village is planning for the bids to go out in the coming weeks. The board will then award the contract with work getting underway during the 2021 construction season. 

“We hope to have it done by the end of 2022,” Vogt said. 

Water rates are not expected to change.