Dansville loses one of its finest citizens

Livingston County Administrator remembers Dansville's Jon Shay

Ian Coyle

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Jon Shay. My condolences and sympathies go to the Shay family.  

He did not know it but Jon was one of my heroes.  You see, I love community and Jon did too. The nature and meaning of belonging to a place, a town/village, a group of neighborhoods ... the fabric of life itself. A place where, when all tasks are completed in your work day and personal life, you give whatever is left too, to leave it better than you found it.  

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The last time I talked to Jon was at a Rotary meeting. He was helping to plan a food drop-off program for those in need. Jon personified civic responsibility and community pride.

I greatly appreciate and respect the stalwarts of our Livingston County communities and Jon Shay was one of the best -- the model on how to live as an altruistic, service-oriented, spirited member of society. Jon was a lion of a man, an incredible champion of the Dansville and Livingston County community, and someone who was always paying it forward but never desiring the limelight.

Thanks Jon for all you did to make this a better place. Thank you for your "service above self" and for your wit, humor, charisma and passion. You will be missed but never forgotten.

— Ian M. Coyle is the Livingston County Administrator