Arrest made after stolen vehicle investigation

Staff reports

MOUNT MORRIS — A Mt. Morris man was arrested on felony charges after a stolen vehicle investigation by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and the Mt. Morris Police Department. 

On Nov. 2, at approximately 1:45 p.m. members of the Mt. Morris Police Department were dispatched to the Walgreens store for the report of a stolen vehicle that had just occurred in the Village of Mt. Morris.  

The information on the stolen vehicle was quickly broadcasted to patrols by the Sheriff’s Office  Communications Bureau which encompasses the 911 Center. Approximately 10 minutes later, the stolen vehicle was located and stopped traveling northbound on Interstate 390 by Sheriff’s Investigator Connor Sanford and Sheriff’s Deputy Marty Herkimer. 

The operator and sole occupant of the vehicle was taken into custody and was identified as 31-year-old Richard P. Brown III. 

Sheriff’s Deputies arrested and charged Brown with third-degree felony criminal possession of stolen property.  

Members of the Mt. Morris Police Department also charged Brown with third-degree felony grand larceny and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.  

Brown was turned over to Central Booking Deputies at the Livingston County Jail for processing and pre-arraignment detention as the offenses did qualify for pre-arraignment detention under the NYS Justice Reform Act as Brown had previous felony convictions and local Justices cannot set bail on such cases. The District Attorney’s Office was contacted in regards to bail due to the felony level charges. It was advised that Brown should be remanded to the custody of the Sheriff without the chance of bail due to him having multiple prior felony convictions.  

Brown was later arraigned at the Livingston County Centralized Arraignment Part at the Livingston County Jail before Village of Dansville Justice Kenney. The Judge did remand Brown to the custody of the Sheriff, without the chance of bail pending further court action. 

On Nov. 5 Brown appeared in Livingston County Court before Judge Kevin Van Allen. The Judge did set bail at $1,500 cash or $3,000 bond.  

Members of the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and the Forensic  Identification Unit (FIU) conducted the investigation for the Sheriff’s Office under the shift leadership  of Sheriff’s Investigator Connor Sanford.