Gary Sinise Foundation continues aid to Springwater Wayland EMS

Jasmine Willis
Springwater and Wayland EMS continues to get help from the Gary Sinise Foundation. They have brand new Cooper Tires on both of the ambulances, with some extra help from Cooper Tires.

WAYLAND — A local ambulance has been very blessed by the Gary Sinise Foundation in recent months.

Famous actor Gary Sinise of hit films such as Forrest Gump and I Still Believe formed a charity for veterans and first responders many years ago. The Gary Sinise Foundation has done countless acts of kindness to help honor and service veterans and first responders in need. The foundation has several programs that are made to educate, entertain, inspire, and offer hope to the ones who fought and sacrificed.

Fred Grambs, Springwater and Wayland EMS Chief, said that the Gary Sinise Foundation worked with Cooper Tires to bring brand-new tires to both of the ambulances.

Bobby George of the Gary Sinise Foundation worked with Ava Jacobs and Emily Coughlin of Cooper Tires, of Hornell, to bring in six Cooper Work Series ASA Load Range G Tires for the A-4 Ambulance; and six Cooper Discover AT3 LT Load Range E Tires for the A-14 Ambulance. The cost of the mounting and balancing of the tires was paid for by Cooper Tires at the Dansville Auto Mart.

“We really appreciate the fact that Cooper Tires offered to work with a local business to facilitate this donation,” he said. “This was a huge savings for us. We were trying to budget for replacement tires for A-4 Ambulance before this winter, and due to the size and load range of the tires we were looking at a cost of around $2,000. We were going to replace the tires on the A-14 Ambulance next year which would’ve cost us another $1,800.”

Grambs said normally the ambulance runs the Wayland Family Fun Days to make up the cost of maintenance for the vehicles and such.

“We would raise the money we needed. We would do this through festivals and other drives in the year. With COVID-19 we had to cancel the Wayland Family Fun Days and doing personal fundraisers in nearly impossible. This charitable donation from the foundation came at a perfect time for the Springwater and Wayland EMS,” he said.

The outfit has a new home at the former Bennett’s Buick dealership in the Village of Wayland. Springwater and Wayland EMS are still waiting to hear from the contractors on some work that is needed on the decontamination room. EMS hopes work on that project will begin in the near future.

Grambs said the ambulance feels very lucky with the donations and help they have gotten so far this year.

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