Village of Dansville targets fix for flooding

Chris Potter

DANSVILLE — A fix for flooding was the major topic of discussion at a special meeting of the Dansville Village Board June 23.

The board signed off on addressing a flooding issue on Gibson Street, where water from both sides of the street runs off onto a resident’s property.

Superintendent of Public Works Scott Tracy said he observed the area during a recent rainstorm and agreed that the water runoff is significant.

“It pours down through there pretty hard,” Tracy said.

Tracy said repairs will cost around $2,000 in materials and amount to a couple days of work for DPW personnel. The work is targeted for later this summer in July or August.

While he supported the work, trustee Dan Rittenhouse wondered if the village was opening up “the floodgates to other people who have flooding issues.”

“If we fix one, we’re probably going to end up fixing them all,” Rittenhouse said.

Mayor Peter Vogt said in the case of Gibson Street, the flooding only became an issue after a repave of the street rerouted the water into the resident’s property.

“It was fixed, and then they messed it up later on with the other work. If there are legitimate claims against the village on something like that, I think we owe it to our residents to fix it,” Vogt said.

“It’s an open claim,” added trustee Mike Nagle.

On a motion by Rittenhouse seconded by Nagle, the board approved the work unanimously.

Farmer’s Market

In other business, Vogt noted the Dansville Farmer’s Market restarted after relocating to Church Park.

“It should work out fine. Once we get the gazebo cleaned up and everything and they allow the music to begin — it’s canceled right now because of the coronavirus — but once it’s back on that will give them the gazebo to put the musicians in,” Vogt said. “They seem to be happy with the idea of going into the park. It provides a little more shade, it’s a little cooler, and it’s on a main drag, too. Plus you’ve got a lot of parking right around it.”

Sights good and bad

Village officials praised DPW for how the repave of the town hall parking lot turned out.

“It looks awesome,” Rittenhouse said.

On the subject of the white fence at Babcock Park, though, Rittenhouse said it “looks horrible.” The sentiment was echoed by several comments on the village’s Zoom meeting, who raised safety concerns and said it is an “eyesore.”

Other village officials said they did not see an issue with the fence.