Logan Brown - Alfred-Almond

8.0 points per game/ 8.0 rebounds per game

Coaches Perspective: Logan is one of the toughest players I have ever coached. She always put 100-percent effort into practices and games. She also expected her teammates to do the same. Logan was a true leader who always did what was asked of her and always stayed positive. As a team, we were pretty inconsistent this season, especially offensively. Our offensive struggles were frustrating at times, but Logan and the rest of the team never gave up. They continued to support each other and made up for their offensive struggles by playing even tougher defense. Logan never wanted to be taken out of the game, no matter what. What more could a coach ask for?

Logan is just a really cool kid. She is friendly, funny, and gets along with pretty much everyone. She sets a good example for younger students, on and off the court, by making good choices and being respectful. Since I coached Logan for three years, I have a lot of great memories. It was great to see her mature as an athlete over the years. Logan just seemed to work harder and take the game more seriously each year. I remember a game in Houghton last year. We were playing great defense but we couldn't do anything offensively. We were down one at the half and not happy with our overall play. We finished the game on a 26-8 run, won by 17, and Logan scored 16 of her 21 points in the second half. It was a pretty remarkable effort.

Logan worked so hard to up her game to this level. I feel very lucky to have coached her for three years and I know she'll go on to do great things.

Jade Atherton - Jasper-Troupsburg

12.0 points per game/ 11.0 rebounds per game / 3.0 blocks per game / 2.0 assists per game

Coaches Perspective: Jade was our leading scorer, she sees the court well. Rebounding into a transition play is very important and Jade was able to get that movement started. She plays all year round which would help improve any athlete and the work she has put in has showed greatly. Her work ethic is outstanding, great players make sure that their time is spent efficiently and with a purpose and she was in the gymnasium extra hours. She worked hard in the paint every game, improved on her midrange shots, and with only being on varsity two years she was a senior captain.

Jade is an above average kid on and off the court, she is graduating eigth in her class with an Advanced Regents Diploma. She has a weighted average of 102.73. She will be entering college with numerous college credits she accrued during her time at J-T. She is involved in FFA, Basketball and Softball, plays basketball all year round through summer league and AAU, helps throughout the community and she is a big family person as they live on a farm which acquires teamwork and long hours.

One of my favorite things about Jade is no matter what happened that day she was always excited to be in a gym, whether it was practice or a game day. Energetic coming in and out of the locker room, getting off the bus at an away game and getting her team hyped up for what was about to happen. Her passion for basketball is something you don't see every day anymore. It is almost like her identity because basketball is so important and valued. Athletics ignite certain people and I saw that in Jade even at the JV level.

Hannah LaPlant - Dansville

7.1 points per game/5.1 assists per game/ 4.7 rebounds per game/ 2.2 steals per game

Coaches Perspective: Hannah is an effective player on the court because of her abilities to run the point guard position while being a scoring and defensive threat as well. She has great court vision and distributes the ball extremely well, while also getting to the rim to score, rebound and being all over the floor on defense. She is a good kid off the court because she works hard but also likes to joke around, as well as being intentional in supporting the younger kids in our program. Hannah is fun to coach because she is a little bit stubborn, but in the good way that makes her an intense competitor.

Kelsie Niedermaier - Andover

9.0 points per game/ 10.0 rebounds per game/ 5.0 blocks per game

Coaches Perspective: Kelsie has grown every year, both physically and as a player. Defensively she is as dominant as any player in the area in my opinion, and allows us to have a specific team strategy taking advantage of her ability to block shots and rebound. She had over 100 blocks this year, and we probably missed some too. Her offensive game has improved, and when she is confident, she can score whenever she wants. Kelsie is an extremely hard worker, and I am excited to see what she can do next year.

Off the court Kelsie is very fun and a joy to be around, a very good student and member of the school. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and I have a lot of respect for her for that. She is very hard on herself, which as a coach can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s because she wants to win so badly.

Some of my favorite memories are of her incredible blocks during the season, she had 10 blocks in our win over Prattsburgh when Emily was hurt, one of the most incredible defensive performances I have ever seen. She is also incredibly reliable — whenever we would have an optional practice or shoot-around, she was always there, willing to improve her game, something that has definitely showed.

Emily Costello - Wellsville

8.6 points per game/ 3.4 rebounds per game/ 1.8 assists per game/ 3.0 steals per game

Coaches Perspective: Emily’s defining trait on the court is energy. When she steps on the court for a game or practice she always brings positive energy with her genuine smile, positive body language, and encouraging comments. She has a competitive toughness about her and a strong will to win. She hates losing more than she enjoys winning. She never takes a play off in practice or a game. She is a defensive stopper – she stops her player as well as helping her teammates. She runs the floor on fast breaks and in defensive transition. She makes plays and does not shy away from the taking the big shot. She is fearless!

In school, she participates is chorus and is student council Vice-president. She is a leader amongst her peers. Emily is friendly, kind and well respected by her peers and teachers. Emily is fun to coach because she has confidence and is always telling at me with a sly grin saying, “we got this coach.” She also keeps the mood light on the bus with her singing (all those years in Chorus are paying off). My favorite moment was her game versus Warsaw, she was near perfect from the floor, scoring her career high 22 points in a two-point victory.

Meghan Patrick - Arkport/Canaseraga

9.0 points per game/ 7.0 rebounds per game/ 4.0 assists per game/ made 54 3-pointers

Coaches Perspective: Meghan was a leader on the court. She made sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to. She’s a good rebounder, a good 3-point shooter and she has good court vision. Meghan is a great person that always looked after her teammates and all of her teammates looked up to her as well.

My favorite thing about coaching Meghan was that she made coaching easy. She took care of a lot of the little things that come up during the course of a game and a season.

Kailey Johnson - Wayland-Cohocton

10.5 points per game/ 5.6 rebounds per game/ 3.1 steals per game/ 2.6 assists per game

Coaches Perspective: Kailey Johnson has been a two-year varsity starter for Wayland-Cohocton. She is a fluid, intelligent 5-foot 4-inch guard who led her team in points, steals, assists, and 3-pointers. Kailey also starts in soccer and softball. She is a leader and an organizer who follows through and finishes whatever she starts. Kailey is a top student and is involved in several school functions and always steps forth whenever help is needed. She is a super young lady who makes coaching a joy.

Lucia D’Arpino - Avoca/Prattsburgh

14.0 points per game/ 11.0 rebounds per game

Coaches Perspective: Lucia is the poster child for ‘playing with heart.’ She plays with such high intensity, effort and attitude, it's fun to watch her play. Lucia has become one of our leaders this year, she does whatever it takes to help her team win. Lucia also excels in the classroom, she's a National Honor Society student and maintains a high honor status throughout the year. Observing her interaction with her teammates, she's a helpful friend and shares positive vibes amongst her peers.

As a coach, I will never picture myself asking Lucia to hustle or ‘pick it up.’ It's automatic in practice and on game day. Lucia has one gear — overdrive! She's a great kid and it's exciting knowing she'll be back next year.

— Compiled by Sean Curran