DANSVILLE — You don't build a strong program in anything without a good feeder system. That's especially true with regards to the success of the Dansville girls basketball program in recent years.

Many moons ago a number of young ladies and gentlemen got together and started a youth system that followed the girls all the way up to the varsity level. Yes, it took time and a great commitment, but look at the fruit it has yielded!

This year was no exception as the junior varsity girls under coach Mike Didas had another very successful and memorable year. Congratulations to the coaching staff and the girls.

The Dansville J.V. Girls Basketball team under the guidance of Coach Didas went 17-3 overall and 8-0 in LCAA D1 play this season.

I don't think anybody can tell the tale of the 2019-20 junior varsity story better than Coach Didas, whose recap of the campaign follows:

For the first time in five years (since our first year) the J.V. Basketball Team consisted of a variety of classes as we had five Sophomores, four Freshman, and four 8th Graders. This also gave the Girls Basketball Program solid numbers of players participating at this level with 12 players.

With this variety came a good mix of experience and athleticism. These traits would be required as the schedule included some traditionally strong programs from outside leagues to go along with the regular season challenges of playing in LCAA Division 1.

Some of the many accomplishments were winning the Churchville-Chili Holiday Tournament beating Hilton and then Churchville-Chili. The girls also won the LCAA Division 1 title outright by going undefeated in Division 1 and Livingston County, two fantastic accomplishments. Most importantly the team continued to improve through the difficult challenges of a quality schedule. This team was able to achieve the outstanding success they had this season through their hard work, dedication, belief in the system and each other..

With this work ethic and a strong vision for the program provided by Coach Kershner the Dansville Girls Basketball future continues to look bright.