Dansville track & field athlete

Fast facts

Favorite Social media: Tiktok

Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Movie: The Last Song

Favorite Musician/Band: Ariana Grande

Favorite place to compete other than home arena: Cal-Mum’s Track

If you could eat dinner with any athlete: Simone Biles


Questions & answers 

Q: What types of hobbies have you used to fill your time during this break? Any new hobbies that you’ve picked up?

A: I’ve been doing puzzles! It’s actually really fun and a great way to clear your mind.

Q: What types of things have you done in an attempt to stay in shape should the season continue?

A: I have continued to run and do core exercises, along with strength training as I am lucky to have weightlifting equipment at my house.

Q: Is there any advice that you would give to the underclassmen or youth kids in the area about taking advantage of every game/practice?

A: Don’t ever think “Ugh, I don’t want to do this race/meet.” Take every opportunity to grow as an athlete. As much as you think you do, you never know when your last meet will be. So make sure you’re proud of that last race.

Q: What is your favorite memory of participating in a sport at your school?

A: Honestly, I can’t pick one, but in general, any team-bonding event or hanging out with the team! I’d do anything just to be sitting on the high jump mat joking around and playing “Quak-a-dili-oma” with everyone right now.

Q: How meaningful would it be to wear your school jersey again, even if it was just for one final meet?

A: I can’t express the joy I would have if I was given the chance to compete again. I have been apart of Dansville’s Outdoor Track Program for seven years now. I have looked forward to this season, my senior night, and my last race since I was in sixth grade. My heart breaks at the fact that I and my fellow seniors may never compete again. I truly hope I receive the opportunity to do so, even if it is only one more time.