Canisteo Wrestling Club renames tournament after alum

CANISTEO — A new era began Sunday for the Canisteo Wrestling Club's annual youth wrestling tournament.

The CWC renamed the popular tournament the Trooper Nicholas Clark Memorial Tournament in honor of the Canisteo-Greenwood graduate who was killed in the line of duty last year. Clark was a state champion, one of the best wrestlers Canisteo-Greenwood's storied program has ever produced, and he passed on his knowledge to many younger wrestlers.

Fittingly, the Canisteo Wrestling Club powered its way to the overall team championship at the first-ever Trooper Nicholas Clark Memorial Tournament, led by many first-place finishes. Brody Flaitz picked up his 200th youth wrestling victory during the tourney, which was the 38th annual overall for the CWC. 

Bolivar-Richburg's Wolverine Den enjoyed a strong day and finished second overall in the team standings. The Wolverines were led by a pair of MOWs — Gary McDowell Jr. was the Most Outstanding Wrestler in the 11-12 group, while Ethan Coleman was the Most Outstanding Wrestler for the 13-14 brackets.

Nick Mateo Jr. (Geneva) was the Most Outstanding Wrestler for 6&U. Bryce Monahan (Ruthless Aggression) was Most Outstanding Wrestler for 7-8. Lucas Maneri (Ruthless Aggresstion) was Most Outstanding Wrestler for 9-10. 

Nunda earned the Sportsmanship Award.


Team Results

1st- Canisteo Wrestling Club 2nd- Wolverine Den 3rd- Bison Wrestling Club 4th- Brockport



Individual Results

6 & Under

Group 1 1st-Adley Jacobs (Dansville) 2nd-Garrett Romanki (Campbell-Savona) 3rd-Kayden Morse (CWC) 4th-Cael Mills (CWC)

Group 2 1st-Paul Bellows (WWC) 2nd-Bryce Oyer (Fillmore) 3rd-Dylan Harner (Nunda) 4th-Chase Ackley (WWC)

Group 3 1st-Abram Inthanongsak (Corning) 2nd-Hunter Nornhold (Tioga) 3rd-Bebe Lopez (Geneva) 4th-Jaxson Cobin (Nunda)

Group 4 1st-Maddox Hall (Tioga) 2nd-Dylan Travis (Bath) 3rd-Jaxson Mattison (CWC) 4th-Teagen Matossian (Nunda)

Group 5 1st-Max Brewer (TAWC) 2nd-Chase Freberg (CWC) 3rd-Ryobi McDowell (Wolverine Den) 4th-Jerry Ryck (Tioga)

Group 6 1st-Dexter Zalewski (Powerhouse) 2nd-Ali Ahmed (CWC) 3rd-Branley Simon-Bush (CWC) 4th-Dakota Burdick (Wayland)

Group 7 1st- Caleb Sawyer (Horseheads) 2nd-Jacob Ackley (WWC) 3rd-Anthony Carney (Olean) 4th-Jack Thayer (CWC)

Group 8 1st-Nick Mateo Jr., MOW (Geneva) 2nd-Weston Mehlenbacher (Wayland) 3rd-Dylan Bierwiler (TAWC) 4th-Brison Reed (Campbell-Savona)

Group 9 1st-Bentley Wonderling (TAWC) 2nd-Tyler Cole (Dansville) 3rd-Jorden Dibble (TAWC) 4th-Zachary Nageldinger (Nunda)

Group 10 1st-Blake Windows (TAWC) 2nd-Tyler Youngs (Portville) 3rd-Reed VanSkiver (Bath) 4th-Chase Port (Wayland)

Group 11 1st-Ian Kurtz (CWC) 2nd-Elijah Quick (Dansville) 3rd-Landon LeFever (Corning) 4th-Dominic Ryck (Tioga)

Group 12 1st-Angel Saldana III (Geneva) 2nd-Coltin Warrick (Horseheads) 3rd-Joey Duell (Wolverine Den) 4th-Jaxxon Small (Dansville)

Group 13 1st-Brayden Bowman (Waverly) 2nd-Gunner Hodge (Bath) 3rd-Wyatt Buckley (Campbell-Savona) 4th-Anna Wilcox (Shinglehouse)

Group 14 1st-Nolan Madison (CWC) 2nd-Dominick Pifer (Wayland)

7 & 8

Group 15 1st-Brent Dennis (CWC) 2nd-Bentley Harner (Kendall)

Group 16 1st-Parker Jackson (Tioga) 2nd-Xavier Allen (CWC) 3rd-Lorilye Beardsley (LeRoy) 4th-Carter Soltis (Corning)

Group 17 1st-Landyn Huntington (WWC) 2nd-Uriah Knickerbocker (CWC) 3rd-Harry Teribury III (CWC) 4th-Owen Inthanongsak (Corning)

Group 18 1st-Lucas Maneri (Ruthless Aggression) 2nd-Presley McDowell (Woverine Den) 3rd-Angel Lopez Jr. (Geneva) 4th-Ayden Silvernail (WWC)

Group 19 1st-Xzavier Raycroft (CWC) 2nd-Sonya Dordoni (Horseheads) 3rd-Maison Fisher (Tioga) 4th-Cohen Hager (WWC)

Group 20 1st-Ethan Dieter (CWC) 2nd-Bentley Davidson (Corning) 3rd-Mackenzie Miesch (Brockport) 4th-John Michael Fanning (SVEYA)

Group 21 1st-Karter Morse (CWC) 2nd-Camdyn Struble (Dansville) 3rd-Alexa Fulkrod (Nunda) 4th-Colin Hobbs (Bath)

Group 22 1st-Bryce Monahan, MOW (Ruthless Aggression) 2nd-Landon Feil (Bulldog Youth Wrestling) 3rd-Dominik Lanni (Powerhouse) 4th-Connor McAllister (Horseheads)

Group 23 1st-Walker Hyde (WWC) 2nd-Nico Ricotta (Powerhouse) 3rd-Easton Joyce (CWC) 4th-Tayden Margeson (Olean)

Group 24 1st-Garrett Hall (CWC) 2nd-Isaac Putzstuck (Portville) 3rd-Zander Zyla (Corning) 4th-Marshal Preston (WWC)

Group 25 1st-Justis Majors (Brockport) 2nd-Trent Pfitzenmaier (Manheim Township) 3rd-Connor Gould (Olean) 4th-Anatole Colson (CWC)

Group 26 1st-Keegan Palmer (Corning) 2nd-Lukas Pike (Nunda) 3rd-Jackson Clarkson (CWC) 4th-Emmanuel Coons (CWC)

Group 27 1st-Justin Mann (Powerhouse) 2nd-Lucas Mosko (CWC) 3rd-Janiel Valazquez (Geneva) 4th-Tavin Shaffer (Gilead)

Group 28 1st-Wyatt Hungiville (Smethport) 2nd-Parker Tolbert (Corning) 3rd-Liamm Comstock (Tioga) 4th-Langden Green (Corning)

Group 29 1st-Avery Bowman (Waverly) 2nd-Hunter Weitzel (CWC) 3rd-Kolton Putt (Corning) 4th-Byron Bourgoine (Wayland)

Group 30 1st-Liam Gadley (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Jackson Stewart (CWC) 3rd-Alexander Linton (CWC) 4th-Kaelyn Rodriguez (Corning)

Group 31 1st-Aiden Culshaw (Horseheads) 2nd-Avery Winans (CWC) 3rd-Chase Neally (Corning) 4th-Thad Bellows (IWC)

Group 32 1st-Thomas Davidson (AAWC) 2nd-Kamden Neely (Olean) 3rd-Jacob Yarrison (Bath) 4th-Kurgan Matosiian (Nunda)

Group 33 1st-Reginald McCreary (Niagara Falls) 2nd-Zach Didas (Bison Wrestling Club) 3rd-Brody Shaffer (Gilead) 4th-Nolan Kelly (Powerhouse)

Group 34 1st-Garret Parks (Troy) 2nd-Paul Giovanniello (Wolverine Den) 3rd-Kaleb Lemon (Olean) 4th-Owen Armison (Fillmore)

Group 35 1st-Xavier Thuman (Lake Shore) 2nd-Blake Thomas (Bath) 3rd-Connor Warrick (Horseheads) 4th-Jacob Smith (Nunda)

Group 36 1st-Ayden Andrews (Shinglehouse) 2nd-Carter Lehman (CWC) 3rd-Liberty Taft (Campbell-Savona) 4th-Landyn Mattison (CWC)

Group 37 1st-Isaiah Mummert (WWC) 2nd-Ajay Studley (Portville) 3rd-Delanie Smith (CWC) 4th-Wyatt Menter (Olean)

Group 38 1st-Johnathan Castle (Bath) 2nd-Robert Mosko (Dansville) 3rd-Leevi Lemmon (Dansville) 4th-Trevor Hawkes (CWC)

Group 39 1st-Dominic Darch (Batavia) 2nd-Maddox Conrad (Bath) 3rd-William Hagar Jr. (TAWC) 4th-Hunter Hagar (TAWC)

9 & 10

Group 40 1st-Lucas Maneri, MOW (Ruthless Aggresstion) 2nd-Zander Wilson (WWC) 3rd-Owen Muench (Bison Wrestling Club) 4th-Joseph D’ Amico (Dansville)

Group 41 1st- Lukas Mills-Travis (CWC) 2nd-Kaleb Beardsley (Batavia) 3rd-Isaac Kurtz (CWC) 4th-Logan Huntington (WWC)

Group 42 1st-Joe Kilmer (WWC) 2nd-Caltic Jones (TAWC) 3rd-Chris Mead (WWC) 4th-Braxton Boyd (CWC)

Group 43 1st-Connor McCaffrey (CWC) 2nd-Travis Coriaty (Wolverine Den) 3rd-Israel Frank (Geneva) 4th-Brody Bruce (WWC)

Group 44 1st-Brady Hopkins (CWC) 2nd-Hunter Simmonds (WWC) 3rd-Brice Woodruff (Ironhorse) 4th-Connor McCumiskey (Fillmore)

Group 45 1st-Ian Fitzsimmons (Smethport) 2nd-Miles Torres (WRCL) 3rd-Dennis Rudenauer (CWC) 4th-Oaklee Truman (Olean)

Group 46 1st-Wyatt Sartori (CWC) 2nd-Tanner Catrabone (Bison Wrestling Club) 3rd-Thandon Bensink (WRCL) 4th-Blake Teeter (Corning)

Group 47 1st-Ashton Haley (Gorilla Grapplers) 2nd-Cameron Monahan (Ruthless Aggression) 3rd-Ryder Reichert (Batavia) 4th-Christian Russell (Powerhouse)

Group 48 1st-Maverick Beckwith (Gorilla Grapplers) 2nd-Gavin Rook (Bath) 3rd-Devin Shafer (Dansville) 4th-Hunter Mast (Batavia)

Group 49 1st-Carter Hunter (Bison Wrestling Club) 2nd-Zachary Miller (Corning) 3rd-Isaiah Coons (CWC) 4th-Gavin Peliggi (Brockport)

Group 50 1st-Dezmond Gardner (CWC) 2nd-Maximus Heckman (Brockport) 3rd-Luke Dordoni (Horseheads) 4th-Jayce Ashton (Fillmore)

Group 51 1st-Ethan Smith (CWC) 2nd-Derek Winseman (Independent) 3rd-Max Randall (Troy) 4th-Haydin Smith (Bath)

Group 52 1st-Brock Smith (Bath) 2nd-Liam Ogden(5th Round Wrestling) 3rd-Domanic Davidson (Corning) 4th-Samuel Adams (Shinglehouse)

Group 53 1st-Zach Flaitz (CWC) 2nd-Grayson Timmons (Corning) 3rd-Zach Hungiville (Smethport) 4th-Noah Ott (Wayland)

Group 54 1st-Billy Wood (Brockport) 2nd-Trent Buttles (Rush-Henrietta) 3rd-Jaxson Burchard (5th Round Wrestling) 4th-Bo Bourgoine (Wayland)

Group 55 1st-Brandlee Dennis (CWC) 2nd-Collin Aumick (TAWC) 3rd-James Smith (CWC) 4th-Steven Olson (WWC)

Group 56 1st-Peter Thompson (Wayland) 2nd-Dayton Orlowske (CWC) 3rd-Alivia Cartwright (Nunda) 4th-Kaleb Rosier

Group 57 1st-Dawson Burgess (WWC) 2nd-Brady Kelly (Powerhouse) 3rd-Isaiah Fisher (Olean) 4th-Caleb Burgess (Portville)

Group 58 1st-Luke Zeh (CWC) 2nd-Zachary Yamin (Livonia) 3rd-Kora Jones (TAWC) 4th-Ryan Carr (Brockport)

Group 59 1st-Gianni Velazquez (Geneva) 2nd-Gage Machuga (Corning) 3rd-Jordan Steinhauer (5th Round Wrestling) 4th-Logan Quick (Dansville)

Group 60 1st-Zachary Green (Portville) 2nd-Aiden Giardina (TAWC) 3rd-Darrious Hodge (Dansville)

Group 61 1st-Max McCarthy (Bison Wrestling Club) 2nd-Kaden Tutu (Dansville) 3rd-Levi Stratton (TAWC)

11 & 12

Group 62 1st-Brady Maneri (Ruthless Aggression) 2nd-Connor McCaffrey (CWC) 3rd-Adrian Torres (WRCL) 4th-Johnny Wheaton (WWC)

Group 63 1st-Gary McDowell Jr., MOW (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Andrew Coriaty (Wolverine Den) 3rd-Dylan Depew (CWC) 4th-Gage Thomas (Bath)

Group 64 1st-Ashton Haley (Gorilla Grapplers) 2nd-Mikey Boyhan (Ruthless Aggression) 3rd-Andrew Spaulding (HFL) 4th-Teegan Sibble (Wolverine Den)

Group 65 1st-Ausin Zimmerman (Bison Wrestling Club) 2nd-Noah Robinson (5th Round Wrestling) 3rd-Tyler Farrand (Corning) 4th-Dominick O’Dell (Dansville)

Group 66 1st-Holden Kelly (Powerhouse) 2nd-Zach Green (Wayland) 3rd-Kade Ficks (WWC) 4th-Ryan Burley (Dansville)

Group 67 1st-Richie Wood (Brockport) 2nd-Trey Buchholz (Wolverine Den) 3rd-Jackson Zangerle (Dansville) 4th-Lucas Mosher (5th Round Wrestling)

Group 68 1st-Brody Heckman (Brockport) 2nd-Trenton True (Powerhouse) 3rd-Max Collins (5th Round Wrestling) 4th-Kalen Beardsley (Fillmore)

Group 69 1st-Jordan Joslyn (WRCL) 2nd-Cade Sands (CWC) 3rd-Jacob McVige (HFL) 4th-Simon Clark (Wolverine Den)

Group 70 1st- Ethan Coleman (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Trent Buttles (Rush-Henrietta) 3rd-Waylan Winseman (HFL) 4th-Dougie Griffin (Geneva)

Group 71 1st-Emmanuel Whitley (Geneva) 2nd-Eion Flemming (Celtic) 3rd-Zack Schrage (5th Round Wrestling) 4th-Conner Weitzel (CWC)

Group 72 1st-Maxximus DeYoe (Portville) 2nd-Landon Flurschultz (Shinglehouse) 3rd-Brandon Sheffer (Brockport) 4th-Collin Hamilton (CWC)

Group 73 1st-Griffin LaPlante (Bison Wrestling Club) 2nd-Jackson Koppers (Rush-Henrietta) 3rd-Dillon Courney (Brockport) 4th-Raiden Langsiepen (TAWC

Group 74 1st-Colton Havens (CWC) 2nd-Carson Turner (Bath) 3rd-Brenden Jardin-Reed (Corning) 4th-Matthew Brown (5th Round Wrestling)

Group 75 1st-JC Starowitz (Brockport) 2nd-Zachary Brown (Powerhouse) 3rd-Patrick Akerelrea (Corning) 4th-Allen Jenkins (Horseheads)

Group 76 1st-Austin Boff (Bison Wrestling Club) 2nd-Camden Morrison (Portville) 3rd-Clayton Smith (Corning) 4th-Christopher Neitz (Wayland)

Group 77 1st-Ayden Miller (Powerhouse) 2nd-Aidric Passerallo (WWC) 3rd-Jake Zeigler (Portville) 4th-Blake Neally (Corning)

Group 78 1st-Jayden Mast (Batavia) 2nd-Emily Brown (Team Legacy) 3rd-Cooper Farell (Brockport) 4th-Domonic Dennis (CWC)

Group 79 1st-Evan Leonard (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Justin Palmer (CWC) 3rd-Jay Hadsell (Geneva) 4th-Mason Mawhir (5th Round Wrestling)

Group 80 1st-Juuso Young (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Luke Sottolano (WWC) 3rd-Hayden Washington (Olean) 4th-Gage Foster (TAWC)

13 & 14

Group 81 1st-Cael Stewart (CWC) 2nd-Byron Ordway (CWC)

Group 82 1st-Gavin Bob (CWC) 2nd-Samuel Ziegler (Portville) 3rd-Benjamin Fox (Nunda)

Group 83 1st-Ethan Coleman, MOW (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Jaden Crumpler (Niagara Falls) 3rd-Gavin Ciarfella (Bison Wrestling Club) 4th-Levi Bellis (Tioga)

Group 84 1st-Matthew Neitz (Wayland) 2nd-Tyler Burdick (CWC) 3rd-Sara Bilby (Corning)

Group 85 1st-Dayton Sherwood (Wolverine Den) 2nd-Colton Havens (CWC) 3rd-Logan Bruce (Corning) 4th-Luke Courtney (Brockport)

Group 86 1st-Bradley Boyhan (Ruthless Aggression) 2nd-Peyton Hodder (Corning) 3rd-Gabe D’Aiello (Victor) 4th-Matt Taylor (Horseheads)

Group 87 1st-Logan Meade (Team Properly Trained) 2nd-Antonio Pesante (Geneva) 3rd-Riley Bradshaw (Corning)

Group 88 1st-Shane Kisielewski (Victor) 2nd-Tayler Pierce (Coring) 3rd-Lane Leonard (Corning)

Group 89 1st-Ty Rader (Victor) 2nd-Henry Chamberlain (Portville) 3rd-Nova Matthews (Horseheads) 4th-Jacob Carney (Olean)