These are times that try our souls, once again and most desperately. The obvious threats to humanity (and most other living things), global warming and nuclear weapons, are daily worsened by the person we are obliged to call our President. Republican legislators and voters, from enthusiasm or cowardice, expedite his attacks on the environment and on the dream of peace on earth. They share in his crimes against humanity. As do those who stand by silently, whether indifferent, despairing, or stupefied by this nearly unimaginable chapter in our history.

Millions admire this lying, cruel person. How and why did Germans allow or join in the taking over of their country by Nazis, or Italians rally behind fascists? One only knows that they did. And now one sees Trump gatherings that increasingly resemble Nazi rallies in the 1930s, and the internment of asylum seekers in concentration camps.

We can hope that most of those who voted for or served this braggart of little understanding and less capacity for human sympathy will be ashamed of having done so — or will deny it. But if those who are horrified by what is taking place are not strong enough, Trump may yet stand triumphant and, unchecked, lead his followers and the U.S. into a brave new world of discrimination, war, and chaos.


Lesley Brill,