Middle class does benefit from tax cut

I am tired of reading comments to this column from supposed learned individuals claiming there is little or no tax benefit to the middle class under the new federal income tax laws that were enacted on January 1, 2018.

I have prepared income tax returns for select clientele for over 35 years, and although I have downsized my services to a few family and friends, all are lower middle class, and all have seen a reduction in their tax liability under the new tax laws.

Furthermore, I consider the tax reductions to be significant; ranging from $1,364 for a single individual, to over $3,300 for a married couple filing jointly. In my opinion these are considerable tax savings for rank and file taxpayers, especially when you factor the savings over 10 years.

I admit that all New Yorkers may not benefit under the new tax laws, but taxpayers should not get caught up in the political hyperbole claiming that they only benefit the wealthy. So, I encourage your readers to have your tax professional calculate your tax liability under the prior tax law; compare that amount to your 2018 tax liability; and judge for yourself as to whether you have personally benefited.

Oh, and in reference to the statement “Your tax cut ends in 4 years when middle and low-income taxes will rise. Tax cuts are permanent for high income earners”……all that was needed for the new tax law to become permanent for individual tax payers was for ten Democrats in the Senate to vote “aye” when the legislation was voted on. Unfortunately, no Democrat Senator voted to approve the new tax legislation.

Charles Libordi, Hornellsville