President Trump lies on average 12 times a day. He is the worst president in our nation's history.


He has no apathy, kindness, or concern for anyone but himself. He has made a mockery of the Office of President.

America is the laughingstock of the world. In his two years in office, he has stoked controversy every day. He expects all branches of government to be loyal to him, even if he breaks the law. He was a criminal before he became president and since he has taken office, he has been an even bigger criminal.

This is not what the nation's Founding Fathers had in mind when they created the greatest democracy in the world. Trump has done nothing to better America and its people, he only thinks of himself and uses his office for his own benefit, like the tax cut to benefit the wealthy.

He needs to be impeached now. He is not qualified to be president and he has disgraced the office.

Republican members of Congress share some of the blame, having demonstrated no backbone to stand up to him. They have no idea what is right or wrong. This includes our own Tom Reed.

We must elect people who share our values and interests and do what is right for the sake of justice.


Jon Cleveland,