The Homeless Veterans Program at the Bath VA Medical Center along with community partners would like to bring the public’s attention to the plight of homeless veterans living in the Southern Tier. Being homeless in a rural area is very different from being homeless in an urban area.

Unlike urban homeless veterans who tend to congregate together, have easier access to a hot meal and an overnight bed rural Veterans are usually alone and “couch surf” which means they go from home to home, to abandon homes and to barns and rely on the generosity of community residents and businesses for food.

Rural homeless are much more difficult to identify and provide assistance to.

The Homeless Veterans Program wants to let veterans and the community know about the safety nets in place for homeless or at risk of becoming homeless veterans have available to them through VA and other community agencies.

The “Stand Down” being held in Elmira offers veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless many services at one convenient location.

Please let me know if you are interested in interviewing one of our homeless veterans outreach coordinators prior to the event.


Kathleen Hider

Public Affairs Canandaigua/Bath VA Medical Centers