In reading Jon Cleveland's rant against President Trump and Congressman Tom Reed in The Spectator's Letter to the Editor column Oct. 5, it made me think about how two individuals, both looking at the same thing, can come away with opposite perspectives.

A large Delmonico is sitting on a plate. The meat eater looks at it thinking what a great meal he is about to have. A vegetarian sees the same item and wonders how anyone could eat carcass.

Mr. Cleveland blames the President for everything from not sterilizing Washington as "Washington is more corrupt and worthless than ever'' to creating a "financial crisis" "because of the tax cut" to placing us on the precipice of war as "North Korea, China and Russia are all upset with us" and that that there is "no chance of peace."

Mr. Cleveland is correct. Washington is more corrupt and worthless than ever. I'm sorry, however, but that one can't be blamed on Trump. Foggy Bottom has been like that for a long, long time and it will take a long, long time to clean that mess up, if ever.

Mr. Cleveland blames Trump for adding $1 trillion to our deficit? While you are counting, how about the $9 trillion added to our debt under the Obama Administration? Mr. Cleveland states: "the tax cut all goes to the top wealthy," that "the middle and lower class get nothing." In reference to this, why is it then unemployment is at an historic low, including that for Blacks and Hispanics. If Mr. Trump is doing such damage to the economy then why has the stock market soared since his inauguration and is currently at an all time high? Also, many middle class persons are also invested and have benefited from the gains in the stock market. As someone in the lower middle class I have felt no adverse effects from the Trump tax cut and hopefully look forward to a little extra spending money next April. I would suggest you also wait until then before passing judgement.

As far as upsetting North Korea, Russia and China, I really don't know what to say. How can the President win? He is attacked for befriending North Korea and Russia and for being soft on China's trade policy. Now he is being attacked for being aggressive with them. What does one do? As far as "doing away with NAFTA" perhaps you were not aware that the US, Canada and Mexico recently agreed to a new trade agreement, one more favorable to the United States. And as far as "no chance of world peace," I am perplexed. Who exactly are we at war with now? If you recall only two short years ago, when President Obama was still in office, ISIS (referred to by him as "the Jayvee team") permeated the news on a daily basis for their advances in Syria and the fear the terrorist group spread worldwide. If you recall, refugees by the millions were inundating Europe. How much have we heard of ISIS since President Trump has been in office? Where are they now?

You may criticize the President for his demeanor, use of language or presentation and I would be hard pressed to argue with you. But if you are to criticize him for the longstanding corruption in Washington, the economy, or warmongering it would be best to paint a complete picture. Otherwise it just becomes another example of "fake news."

Bob Kimball,