“It's always sad when neighbors abandon or neglect our furry friends that were once welcomed and then are left to fend for themselves,” writes a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. “What happens when they simply try to exist, to live, to stay warm? They are often met with cruelty by uncaring people or become victims of other predators or vehicle traffic kills or maims them. I’m always thankful for kind-hearted individuals who adopt and responsibly care for our four-legged friends.”

Frau and A-E have seen more than one neighbor simply leave and in a few days cats wander through the neighborhood first shocked, then saddened that the door once open to them is now closed and strange new people aren’t as welcoming. That happened to three cats from separate families on the street. After three days, a friendly cat had obviously become hungry and simply walked into the Frau-AE hut after recognizing a cat and several dogs seemed comfortable.

The new arrival was a loving animal who lived out her life and brought pleasure to the household. A second cat is now duplicating her predecessor’s stay. The former neighbor walked away from a second cat who has become as feral as a lion in Kenya. No surprise, of course, but the adopted feline is more fit and is arguably happier.

We’re currently trying another experiment with another feral cat that was obviously once cute and cuddly but simply matured from a kitten to a cat and was abandoned. Yeah, we‘re suckers but nobody should abandon animals who have come to depend on humans for their livelihoods. Fie, or more forcibly, @#$%^& to those who unthinkably who abandon creatures that have become dependent on bipeds for their existence.

Country’ll be in good hands when these students become adults

That was an easy assessment if you had watched Arkport-Canaseraga students enthusiastically support the merged athletic programs of the two schools last week. A total of 650 pre-K through 12th grade students conscientiously voted to select a mascot and team colors for the schools that decided to work together because, like many area institutions, enrollments have declined and finding enough candidates for athletic participation became a challenge.

With a new mascot…the wolves…and team colors…teal and black… the combined athletic program has enough esprit de corps for fall, winter and spring athletic endeavors. As fans of the new teams have been heard to cheer, “Go, A-C.”

Lots of schools, including Arkport and Canaseraga, recognize that learning life lessons sometimes demands more than reading,’ writin’ and ’rithmetic. Creating and then supporting the Wolves seems like a good start.

For those who loved the sea and canvas sails

A-E’s ancestors have captained ships across the briny deep since, according to family lore, Roy Bruce guided the Eleanor with boxes of tea into Boston Harbor before the American Revolution when the waterway was still spelled Boston “Harbour,” as our cousins across the pond still misspell everything from “honour” to “humour.”

Yes, Correspondent Pat: A-E knows that his Canadian relatives stubbornly insist on that ancient typography today, thanks to periodic bowls of tripe, cod memorable and surprisingly tasty meals made from recipes that have changed little since Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni, if that ancient tune is accurate.

Summer’s on the way! (we all pray)

The rich dark brown muck that makes up Mahany Farms has been turned to prepare for vegetables off Route 36 north of Arkport, Neighbor Tom noted. Tom knows his way around the husbandry associated with those crops because he grew up in the muckland community and spent lots of times planting, cultivating and harvesting the pride of those fields as a youth.

This Canisteo writer and virtually everybody in the neighborhood is crossing fingers and hoping that that cursed winter has at long last learned to read.


Evening Tribune columnist Al Bruce whistles a fair rendition of "Yankee Doodle" from his hut in Canisteo.