There is an invasion coming that will destroy our rural way of life. It will destroy the vast ,untouched, sweeping views of rolling hills, woodlands and abundant wildlife and the quiet peace and tranquility which are some of western New York’s most valuable assets.

The invader: 600 feet tall industrial wind turbines and high voltage transmission lines, up to 150 feet tall.

Currently there are 176 turbines under signed leases projected for a 15-mile swath between Canisteo and West Union. Nextera ( has 35 proposed turbines in Greenwood and West Union, plus a 18-mile overhead transmission line from Greenwood to the Hornell substation.

Invenergy ( has leases and proposals for 141 turbines between Canisteo and West Union. Plus, another transmission line about 15 miles long from Hornell to Jasper through the hills between Routes 36 and 248. Each wind company has to have its own transmission line. The transmission lines require a 100-feet wide swath to be cut through our forests.

Invenergy also has another project ( of 120 turbines between Arcade and Centerville (look out Allegany County, they are heading your way!).

Everpower/Baron winds( has 76 turbines projected and under lease from Dansville and North Hornell.

There are many adverse impacts from the industrial wind turbines if they do not have proper setbacks. Many of these impacts, such as infrasound (sound the human ear cannot hear, but the body can feel) have not been adequately studied.

The wind companies state that the people living with turbines on their properties have no complaints regarding negative and/or health impacts. The reality is that landowners/leaseholders sign an easement for noise, including infrasound, shadow, flicker, vibration, communications interference, etc. In essence this is a “gag order” of sorts, that prevent a leaseholder from ever voicing a complaint publicly for up to 45 years. You may not think these turbines will affect you, but be assured that several wind companies are currently out secretly securing leases from your neighbors.

In reality these turbines have very little impact on decreasing carbon emissions and a huge impact on our rural way of life and our health and peaceful well being. Protect your rights to continued peaceful use and enjoyment of your property. Furthermore, there is no proven public need for these turbines in this area. We already have access to safe, reliable electric and will continue to have, even if no wind turbines are erected.

The time to stop our pristine rural way of life from being turned into a Commercial Industrial Wind Plant is now.

Please research the wind company websites, listed above and educate yourself on the impacts of Industrial wind turbines. If you would like more information or a list of current leaseholders please send an email to: mira_heath@

Mona Meagher,