I whole heartedly support President Trump’s actions!

(1) We need change in Obamacare, as it is it’s not helping the working middle class, it’s only helping the people on Medicaid that don’t want to work. Why can’t the working people get the same benefits as the people that do not want to work? So, let’s try Trump’s and the Republican ideas. We had Obama’s health care whether we wanted it or not. His ideas only worked for the people who do not want to work.

(2) Trump is trying to keep this country safe, that’s why he was elected. Are we suppose to allow the refugees, that come from other countries that hate America, to come and go as they please? Why aren’t the men from theses countries staying and fighting alongside our military and helping free their country instead of escaping to America?

(3) To all the people who want the refugees here, I hope you have lots of room in your houses and money to take care of them, because the rest of us cannot afford to support them. When they come here they will automatically be put on Social Services. They will get the best medical, food stamps and a house to live in — things that the working people take years to obtain.

(4) I have never seen so many spoiled little children, as the Democrats are. Just because so many voted for Trump and his ideas, they’re stomping their feet like little kids. GROW UP DEMOCRATS AND UNITE THE COUNTRY.

(5) Democrats — get over obsessing about Russia. I would rather be friends with a powerful country like Russia then opening the doors to a deceitful country like Obama did with Cuba. Kennedy knew what Cuba was like, that’s why he closed the doors.

Dianne Lockwood Jean Wilkins