Allow me to comment on a guest opinion, by Professor Gary Ostrower in the Sept. 18 Sunday Spectator. It seems to be the second such article by him. That opinion was not a scholarly opinion of a historian but a very biased anti-Trump opinion by a political partisan, which can be best described as a collection of partisan anti-Trump slurs and distortions. I am still hoping that the Reporter would not join the main stream media’s (MSM) war against Trump. The Reporter uses AP, which is openly anti-Trump, as its primary source of news of the campaign. On Wednesday, Sept. 21 you published an opinion column from Washington Post (WP) essentially a hit piece against Trump and his supporters like myself. WP has been leading the media charge against Trump and has half a dozen anti-Trump attack articles every day on its website and has had an editorial trashing Trump.

Ostrower’s article follows the usual media anti-Trump narrative in which Trump’s opinions or comments on current events are called “lies” whereas Hillary’s real lies are “mistakes” or loss of memory, or she “misspoke” or even called “truths." Poor Hillary, she is so misunderstood. Imagine the Clinton supporters calling Trump a “liar” while supporting a person who never tells the truth as long as I can remember. Some opinions that Trump held many years ago are now recycled even though they have no relevance to current issues. He should be judged by his current positions on issues. That is what the primaries were for, namely redefining themselves. Almost everything Trump states is twisted and distorted. He has been called a racist, a bigot, a misogynist etc, by people who complain about his name calling. I guess name calling is all right as long as it is directed at Trump.

The current media campaign, more like a war against Trump, follows the same pattern as in previous elections. The only difference is that this time around, the MSM began its campaign about six weeks before the nominating conventions, something that never happened before in my 64 year memory of elections dating back to 1952. As a result, this election has become a war waged by the media against Trump, aided by the establishments of the GOP and the New Democratic Party. Hillary seems irrelevant and nothing that she does or says will impact the outcome of elections. On the other hand, we should not underestimate the power of the biased main stream to affect the outcome. The media elected a scoundrel like Bill Clinton in 1992 and also elected Barak Obama in 2008, a man that we know very little about to this day.

Bias means distortion, deliberate omission of news, and outright lying and fabrication of news. These are the weapons that main stream media is using against Trump. Why this bashing of Trump? The bashing of Trump is meant to divert attention from real issues and has succeeded. Up to now there has been no discussion of the deplorable “change” that Obama gave us in the last 8 years. That is what this election should be about. Today, Trump is the only candidate talking about the real issues and challenges that we face whether it be immigration, or Obamacare, or chaos in our streets, or the world in chaos. He is also the only candidate capable of getting things done. He has the skills, the will and the courage to do what needs to be done, and to bring order and stability back to our society.

Walter Orlowski