I am very proud of my military service. This is something that is true of every veteran because we are proud to have served such a great nation. But something that concerns me is when someone appears to use this service for personal/political gain.

I am an active member in my community, but I would never use my service as a justification for my personal decisions or choices. It is disappointing to see my brother in arms, John Plumb, using his military service as reasoning for his career choices especially since he is using them for political opportunity.

John Plumb was an active member of the military for which I have great respect. But, John Plumb was not stationed in Washington, D.C. as part of his military service. Plumb made a voluntary decision to become a Washington D.C. insider rather than return home. Now, Plumb is using his military record to disguise his political work for President Obama. This seemingly is the behavior of a political opportunist, plain and simple. I believe Plumb’s military career has nothing to do with his decision to move to New York and it has little or nothing to do with his decision to call New York his secondary home.

Tom Reed is an honorable man and he is also a military kid. He is constantly fighting for the values of our communities as well as fighting to help our veterans. I have seen Tom many times throughout our communities talking with our veterans in efforts to discern how he can help them. I know that his office works day in and day out helping individual veterans address their concerns, then on top of that, Tom is working to address veterans’ needs on a greater scale by working on policies that benefit them.

Tom has personally talked with the VA’s in our district to make sure they are addressing veterans’ needs. He has also supported legislation that addresses concerns nationally about wait times because he wants to make sure our veterans are taken care of. But it doesn’t stop there, he is working to help hire more of our veterans and he is helping veterans’ families.

As veteran, I am proud to have a military son representing me. Tom makes sure our veterans are cared for and he is working to enhance the care they are already receiving.

Mike Palmesano