Livingston County residents can pick up masks from their local fire department Saturday

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia) received 100 gallons of ‘NYS Clean’ hand sanitizer and is distributing the hand sanitizer to all volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance companies, and police departments in her Assembly district.

“My immediate thought when I received the hand sanitizer was to give it to volunteer fire departments and ambulance companies,” said Byrnes. “I was pleased to begin delivering these supplies today as a small token of gratitude from our community. I know the hand sanitizer will be used pretty quickly, and I hope this showing of appreciation will go a long way.”

Meanwhile, Livingston County is collaborating with 18 local fire departments to distribute cloth masks to the public on Saturday, May 23 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Masks will be available on a first come, first served basis for Livingston County residents only.

The Livingston County Office of Emergency Management recently received close to 11,500 cloth masks through coordination with the federal and state governments. Residents will be able to pick up masks from their local fire department, each graciously volunteering to assist in this distribution.

Livingston County Administrator Ian M. Coyle stated, “On behalf of the Livingston County Board of Supervisors, I would like to thank our fire chiefs for stepping up and offering their fire halls and volunteer firefighters as conduits for distribution of masks to our residents.”

Masks can be picked up at the following locations:

Avon 74 Genesee Street, Avon, NY 14414

Caledonia 3089 Main Street, Caledonia, NY 14423

Conesus 6073 So. Livonia Road, PO Box 216, Conesus, NY 14435

Cuylerville 2943 Canandaigua Street, Leicester, NY 14481

Dansville 11 Franklin Street, PO Box 401, Dansville, NY 14437

Geneseo 133 Center Street, P.O. Box 428, Geneseo, NY 14454

Groveland 7428 Route 63, P.O. Box 49, Groveland, NY 14462

Hemlock 7375 Al Sharpe Avenue, P.O. Box 96, Hemlock, NY 14466

Lakeville 5822 Stonehill Road, P.O. Box 376, Lakeville, NY 14480

Leicester 126 Main Street, P.O. Box 144, Leicester, NY 14481

Lima 7286 West Main Street, P.O. Box 29A, Lima, NY 14485

Livonia 4213 S. Livonia Road, P.O. Box 151, Livonia, NY 14487

Mount Morris 119 Main Street, P.O. Box 127, Mount Morris, NY 14510

Nunda 4 South State Street, P.O. Box 551, Nunda, NY 14517

Sparta Center 8479 Reeds Corners Road, Dansville, NY 14437

Springwater 8145 Main Street, PO Box 289, Springwater, NY 14560

West Sparta 4451 Red School House Road, Dansville, NY 14437

York 2667 York Road West, P.O. Box 92, York, NY 14592