WAYLAND — The temporary replacement of old resources with new online applications has posed a difficult time for many students and teachers within the education system.

However, during these tough times, everyone has had to adapt, and this includes the students within the Wayland-Cohocton High School community. One of these students is Cameron Huber. Cameron has changed a lot in order to meet the requirements that have come with social distancing.

For many in rural communities, internet connectivity is an issue, and a lack of bandwidth can lead to gaps in communication in the age of information. For Cameron, this is an issue, and although the use of online resources is one of the only effective ways to communicate information for coursework, a bad connection can be demotivating. However, he continues to persevere and stay up to date on work.

“My work takes hours upon hours to send,” says Cameron. “But if I didn’t try, I’d only be hurting myself.”

Google Meetings help teachers and students to bring the classroom home by allowing teachers to present activities and offer face-to-face help with problems. These types of video apps are important for keeping up connections with peers and teachers. Google Meetings allow a class to see each other and talk, and these sessions allow them to express any issues or share experiences throughout the quarantine. The use of other apps such as Google Classroom or Flipgrid facilitate file sharing so that teachers may offer suggestions and comment on student work.

“They are trying,” said Cameron. “They’ve been giving assignments, trying to do Google Meets with us and asking us what is working.”

Keeping oneself motivated during these times is very important. Though challenges may arise in day to day life, it is important to keep yourself going and not to give up. Cameron keeps himself motivated by continuing to stay in a healthy workout routine and accepts that he is responsible for his education and well-being.

“I’m motivated because I like to do something hard that pushes me to my limits,” said Cameron.

It is important to realize that within our own families we all deal with our own stress. Everyone deals with social distancing differently, however it is important to incorporate healthy coping techniques with our stress. Cameron has found this as both his parents are teachers and his sister is also a student at Wayland-Cohocton High.

“They are stressed,” Cameron said. “Both my parents are teachers and my sister has just as much work as me if not more.”

Though the times are not perfect it is everyone’s duty to try to improve it. Together we can support each other and stay motivated during this social distancing. Luckily within our community there are many of us with qualities similar to that of Cameron such as, perseverance, empathy and motivation to pursue challenges.