BATH – Federal funds needed to stabilize Steuben County’s finances were among the issues county legislators addressed when they met in a teleconferenced regular session at 10 a.m. Monday.

County lawmakers unanimously called for the state to release the Enhanced Federal Medicaid Matching Funds (eFMAP) Steuben is entitled to through the federal Affordable Care Act.

However, Steuben legislators are concerned New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will use the funds for state purposes under Medicaid Redesign, something he proposed earlier this year to restructure the state’s healthcare entitlement system.

County officials warned withholding eFMAP funds the federal government has earmarked for Steuben could increase the county tax levy by millions of dollars, and place the burden of paying for the soaring costs due to state guidelines on county taxpayers.

Legislators also called on the federal government to send financial aid through a proposed coronavirus relief bill directly to the counties.

Steuben officials say direct funding from the bill, if passed into law, will help the county recoup an expected loss of sales tax revenues brought on by the pandemic social distancing regulations.

Those state regulations also will affect legislative meetings in early June, said county Legislature Chairman Scott VanEtten, R-Caton.

VanEtten told his colleagues, Cuomo has extended NY on PAUSE until June 6 through executive order. The order enforces social distancing rules, such as wearing masks in public and maintaining a six-foot distance, and prohibits large gatherings.

In other action, legislators:

• Accepted the state’s Extreme Winter Recovery and Pave-NY Funding totaling $1.6 million. If the funding remains in place, county Public Works Department will add to its current roadwork schedule.

• Accepted the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Grant of more than $70,000 for use by the county Office for the Aging for transportation and meals for senior citizens.

• Accepted the CARES Act Covid-19 Grant totaling $24.6 million for elections-related functions affected by the pandemic.

• Authorized a contract with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. for software licensing for $23,667 for teleconferencing.