ALFRED – With so many healthcare workers currently in need of personal protective equipment, Alfred State has stepped up by donating face masks and gowns to local hospitals and nursing homes.

Altogether, the college has donated more than 2,300 N95 face masks to medical workers. St. James Hospital in Hornell, Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville, and Noyes Memorial Hospital in Dansville have received between 500 to 600 masks each, while nursing homes such as Wellsville Manor, Elderwood at Hornell, and Hornell Gardens each received anywhere from 120 to 320 masks. Additionally, roughly 180 gowns that were in stock were also donated.

Alfred State Chief Financial Officer Joe Greenthal said all of the healthcare workers have been extremely grateful for the donations.

“These facilities have been a great partner to our college; they support our programs, employee our graduates, and care for our alums and community members,” Greenthal said. “Alfred State is happy to be able to help in this fight. Our first responders need every tool we can provide. We wish we could have done more, but even given our small contribution, everyone was tremendously grateful. This was humbling, knowing it is all of us who are grateful for the work they are doing each day.”