Dansville playground to get a redo, too

DANSVILLE — Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for our national pastime.

Hopefully Coronavirus won’t thwart the game for the whole season, but even if it does, our local parks will be ready.

Members of the community have pledged about $14,000 for renovations to the Knox Street park, initiated by an effort by Village of Dansville Department of Public Works superintendent Scott Tracy. Since November, the park has no longer been a Little League field, but is now part of the GLOW Academy league to ensure a wider array of teams for local youngsters to play against.

The village crew is nearly finished building a ramp, sidewalks, plus steps to and from the road, and retaining wall blocks along the School Street slope. Handicap access and several handicap parking spaces have also been made, which allows people to watch the game from the vehicle if desired. New bleachers will be installed as well.

In addition to the GLOW field, our incoming collegiate team, Dansville Gliders, will have a few new accommodations at Babcock Park before their scheduled start in June. The Village is putting in changing areas and equipment storage, plus adding parking near the entrance with crusher stone. Following the inaugural season, the Village plans on building bathrooms and adding new lighting.

Also included at Babcock Park will be a new playground. The playground will include six regular swings, one handicap swing, and one toddler swing. The playground will also include a climbing obstacle and a slide. In addition, the playground will have new ground cover, benches and a table.

The playground equipment cost the Village upward of $50,000, which came out of the Village’s budget. The steep cost of the playground equipment has had to do with meeting state and insurance requirements.