6th Annual Wall of Pride scheduled for Oct. 17

DANSVILLE — The Foundation for Dansville Education has announced the acceptance of nominations for the sixth annual Wall of Pride induction to be held on Saturday, Oct. 17.

Nominations are due by June 1. Nomination forms can be obtained at the district office at 337 Main Street, Dansville or on our district website at this address: https://tinyurl.com/qvqhg46

Nominations shall be accepted based on the Wall of Pride Mission Statement: "...to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding Dansville High School graduates, Dansville Central School educators, and members of our school community."

The nominees, whose "contributions and achievements must be significant," can be from any of the communities that make up the Dansville Central School District.

The categories of demonstrated excellence considered by the Selection Committee are: Education/Academics, Leadership/Quality of Life, Community Service or Philanthropy.