Medics will immediately screen for COVID-19

DANSVILLE — As COVID-19 begins to spread throughout the region, local first responders stand ready.

The Dansville Ambulance Company this week reassured the residents and businesses within its coverage area that the company is 100% committed to servicing its residents who are in need of an ambulance.

The Dansville Ambulance Company will be making some adjustments to how it responds to calls in light of the coronavirus.

“You will be seeing some changes in our response. The first change will be when you call 911. They may be asking some additional questions for the possibility of COVID-19,” stated the company. “Upon arrival, a medic (either our EMT or a Paramedic) will start a screening for possible COVID-19. We will be wearing a mask, eye protection and gloves at a minimum. If needed, a gown will also be worn. If you have young children, or special needs adult that could be frightened by our protective gear, please let them know it is the same protection that doctors and nurses may wear.”

To limit possible exposures, law enforcement will not enter the house, unless there is safety concern. Fire department first responders will not be dispatched. Due to hospital regulations, family members will not be able to ride in the ambulance, except for a few specific circumstances.

“Please note that as this event evolves, procedures may change.”

If you have any concerns or questions, call 335-2500.