GENESEO — The Livingston County Historian’s Office is pleased to announce the launch of the first Women’s History Trail in the county.

This trail winds through Livingston County, highlighting interesting places where women left their mark, changed the status quo, or enriched the lives of others behind the scenes.

Visitors will find sites related to Native American history, art, education, health, politics, recreation, and suffrage, just to name a few. The trail will be continually expanded with the goal of achieving as much diversity as possible.

The Women’s History Trail is the latest in a series of self-guided tours around Livingston County utilizing the OnCell mobile application that works with any device with a web browser. The mapping function integrates with Google Maps to make finding locations a breeze.

To access this tour and learn about other heritage tours in Livingston County, go to:

For more information on the history of the project and resources available to researchers, check out the Livingston County Historian’s website.