HORNELL — The Steuben County Democratic Committee officially endorsed Leslie Danks Burke in her campaign for State Senate in the 58th District.

The endorsement was announced by Committee Chairman Shawn Hogan, who holds the distinction of being the longest-serving Mayor in New York State from his time leading Hornell.

"From Hornell to Bath to Corning, and from Wayland to Troupsburg, Steuben County is a vibrant anchor in this great district. It's my honor to have the full backing of the Steuben County Democratic Committee," said Danks Burke in a statement Friday. "My conversations with people across this huge county are showing me that we can do better than our current Senator, who has voted eight years in a row to send away the tax dollars that were promised for our roads and bridges and voted for pre-K for NYC schools but not for us. Senator O'Mara gets one paycheck from the taxpayers, and another from his side-job at a lobbying firm. Here in Steuben County, it's time for a new Senator who works for us, the voters, and not his corporate clients and donors."

Danks Burke made a stop in Hornell during a whistlestop tour of the district this winter as her campaign picks up steam

"We need dynamic, progressive leadership for this district to address the problems that impact our lives on a daily basis," said Hogan, former Mayor of Hornell. "Leslie has the vision, the energy, and the vigor to make that happen. Last week, the Steuben County Democratic Committee met as a full committee and endorsed her, and Leslie has my full support."

Leslie Danks Burke is an attorney and a longtime advocate for education, healthcare, and rural economic development. She is the daughter of farmers and a mother who, together with her husband, is raising two children in the district.

A Democrat, she previously ran for State Senate in the 58th in 2016, outraising incumbent Tom O'Mara by over $200,000 and receiving more voter support from outside her party than any other challenger to a sitting incumbent that year - on either side. Since 2016, Danks Burke has remained an advocate for local community engagement and honest government.