Dansville Area Youth Wrestling Club pulls off stellar tourney debut

DANSVILLE — Well, there's a first time for everything. Some people dream about something, and just continue to dream. The folks at the Dansville Area Youth Wrestling Club have thought about it, talked about it, and then DID something about it!

I love one of the "favorite qoutes" on their website: "Strength doesn't come from what you can do ... It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't!"

I have to believe that this is what motivated this club to host their first ever Dansville Youth Wrestling Tournament at the Dansville high school gym on Sunday, Feb. 9 in an event that ran from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. It was a packed house! I think the only other times I've seen that new gym so active and so full was either during graduation, or during one of those successful cheerleading tournaments that the late Phyllis and Larry Greene put on for so many years. Yep, there was overflow parking on the sides of North Main Street!

Tournament director Dave Forrester said, “We've thought about this for many years, but it really takes a lot of people, time, money, and cooperation to pull it off. I've been with the club since its inception 7 years ago and have coached for several years. We've watched and attended many other very successful events like this in the area like Canisteo and Wayland along with many others. This was like a dream come true for all of us, all the parents, and especially the youngsters. That's what its really all about."

Dave commented that there were over 300 youth wrestlers from at least 40 different teams taking part in the days action. Teams came from not only Section V, but also as far away as Pennsylvania, along with the Syracuse and Buffalo area as well. Dave shared with me the fact that it takes in the neighborhood of $6,000 to even think about putting a tournament like this on. He thanked sponsors such as Fender Bender Mender, MKMT Precision, Pitch Perfect Seamless Gutters, Palermo Auto Works, Kaylie Palermo with Howard Hanna Realty, Mill Creek Optical, A Smile By Design, Genesee Valley Credit Union & the Dansville Daniel Goho American Legion Post.

The director also added, “In addition to these sponsors I have to thank my wife, and vice-president of the organization, Beth Forrester, and treasurer Brittany Uhl who have done so much to help make this happen. I also have to mention Dansville Athletic Director Rob VanScoter who was very helpful and cooperative in every way in allowing us to use the facility. He even came down on Saturday to help us with whatever we needed to get ready. There are so many people, organizations, individuals, officials & volunteers I want to thank. Without all of their support this thing would have never gotten off the ground. Thanks to everyone who has made this all possible for all of these wrestlers."

A great pat on the back to the Dansville Area Youth Wrestling Club because they practice what they preach, as they were firm believers in showing these youngsters that they really mean something to the sport and their local communities. The club invested over $2,000 in trophies alone for these gladiators of the mats. That in itself says something to me.

I have to congratulate Dave Forrester and all who were involved in any way for putting on such a super-successful venture on Sunday for so many area athletes and adults. It indeed was a sight to behold. Forrester said he wants to make this an annual event, and unless I miss my guess, if you're interested in the 2021 Tournament, now would be a good time to get a hold of Dave Forrester to let him know. To give you an idea of the dedication of this "team"... they were there till after 8 p.m. assisting with clean-up at the school. On top of that he then zipped me the team results, the sportsmanship award, and all the Dansville youth stats.

Thanks Dave and the Dansville Youth Wrestling organization ... you pinned down a winner in this one!

Team results

1st- HFL


3rd- Leroy

Sportsmanship award - Wayland Youth Wrestling club

Dansville Individual finishes

Joe D'Amico 3rd 3-2 2 Pins

Josh Forrester 3rd 2-2 1 Pin

Elijah Jennings 5th

Jacob Frisbee 4th 3-2 1 PIN

Myles Cutlip 3rd 3-2 1 Pin

Skylar Chavez 5th Place

Eli Quick 3rd

Mason Lane 3rd 3-2 1 Pin

Noah Cava 4th 1-4 1 Pin

Tyler Scollon 2nd 3-1 2 Pins

Chance Duryea 3rd 2-2 2 Pins

Mason Forrester 4th 2-3 1 Tech

Jason Robb 6th 0-5

Robbie Mosko 4th 2-3 1 Pin

Dominick O'Dell 3rd 1-3

Brennan Lauth 5th 1-4 1 Pin

Logan Quick 5th 0-4

Skyler Hamilton 4th 1-3 1 Pin

Jacob Forrester 5th 1-4 1 Pin